Don’t Bite the Apple of a Religious Spirit

Never point others to yourself or to the perceived problem, but to Jesus Christ.

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When there is a dispute between parties. Let’s all give the benefit of the doubt. Remember, there are always two sides and the truth is, usually, in the middle somewhere. 

When people decide to choose sides, the chance of reconciliation is actually lessened. Instead, choose to give a chance to both parties to resolve their differences themselves. Stay out of it.

Just because one party decides to not defend themselves, does not mean they are guilty. It means that person took the higher road. Jesus did not defend Himself. Don’t be so quick to judge someone else, nor allow yourself to be manipulated into taking sides.

Let’s never air our grievances or dirty laundry publicly on Facebook or allow ourselves to be drawn into such tactics of the enemies. We all know that is not walking in a Spirit of Excellency or in Godliness. It grieves the Holy Spirit, greatly. And it is called sin.

For with God, there are no sides.  Instead, let’s keep our eyes focused upon the Mark of the Prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ. And love our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

 Instead, pray for both parties and ask God for His justice, which is always reconciliation. Yes, reconciliation. This is what is called pointing the way to Jesus Christ. Never point others to yourself or to the perceived problem, but to Jesus Christ. The Word says to examine your heart daily. Ask the Lord to help you see yourself, the way He sees you. He is faithful. 


A few traits of a Religious Spirit:

1. Always think they are right and everybody else is wrong. They never do any wrong. 

2. Like to correct others and believe that is their right. 

3. Love to play the victim and sing the same old tune. “Somebody done me Wrong”.

4. Go for the jugular vein and are relentless at murdering another’s reputation or character. They are merciless. 

5. Love to draw attention to themselves.

6.  Love to stroke others to gain a foothold. Beware the snare. Don’t be fooled by their undivided attention. Being stroked builds the ego and flesh.

7. See themselves as superior to others. They love lording it over others. It feeds and fuels that spirit.  

8. Don’t ask for forgiveness from you or anyone, not even the Lord. It is beneath them. They will not accept responsibility for their actions, because they cannot admit they are wrong or may have been wrong. 

9. Will often be more interested in seeing somebody ‘pay’ or be punished for their perceived wrongdoing. They are known for getting even.

10. Will devalue your accomplishments, disrespect you, and then disdain you to make themselves feel better about themselves.

11. Have little or no room in their theology or beliefs for grace for others, yet, they believe they deserve grace.

12. Are easy prey to unforgiveness. Feeling this way is actually a form of pride because it holds them up on a pedestal. While it sees the other person or people, as deserving to be repaid for the wrong they’ve done. 

13. Walk in a lot of pride and have a difficult time admitting they are wrong. 

14. Get many others to join their side, instead of accepting responsibility for their own actions. 

15. Want their way and will do whatever they can to obtain it. It’s about control over others. 


We all need to repent if we see ourselves walking in any of the above traits. If you do see you are walking in a Religious Spirit, quickly repent to God, ask forgiveness, and quickly move forward. 

If you need to ask forgiveness of another, make sure to do that. And then find your rest in God, knowing He will fight this battle for you. He will help you overcome every obstacle and place you need to become an overcomer. 

Trust God, not man, and choose to walk the higher road, which is usually the road less traveled. You are not alone, for He is always with you. Know that God is watching over you and He will make a way for you, even in the fiery furnace of your affliction. 

And remember to forgive yourself and be kind to yourself. We have all missed the Mark. 



Written by Patti Finney Compton




Featured Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay


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