Do You Put God in a Box?

Those with higher knowledge demand a larger box, and those with prideful tendencies strengthen their box, ensuring God stays within their earthly limitations.

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Prior to an encounter in 2019, I had always put God in a box. For most of my life, I attended church regularly. I had read the Bible cover-to-cover and studied it carefully. I learned about God’s love, goodness, authority, grandeur, and majesty. I have listened to thousands of sermons and spent countless hours in prayer. However, my knowledge and understanding of God was minimal. His influence in my life couldn’t go beyond the imaginary box I had put Him in.

That all changed when God showed up in our home and revealed Himself to me through visions, miracles, revelations, and his unmistakable voice. He came bearing incredible gifts for me and my entire family. He worked a miracle in my life and my wife, Tracy’s life. He healed our marriage and installed a renewed sense of vision and purpose in our hearts. Nothing would ever be the same. He promised us a tsunami size tidal wave of blessing over our children and their children for generations.

He began to establish a new legacy for our family and promised abundance for all our days. During the encounter, I started journaling and it has become a daily practice. It is God’s way of speaking to me. Another daily practice is to reread journal entries from the same day in prior years. Recently, I came across a journal entry in which I wrote, “You can’t put God into a box.”

During the encounter, for ten days, God showed me who He is and who I am to Him. He is beyond dimensional, beyond space and time, and beyond anyone’s idea of Him. Every attribute of God is bigger than our comprehension. His love is piercing, relentless, all-consuming, and boundless. But even those words fall short. I believe there are no words in any language that can fully describe God and all His attributes. If He is bigger than our box, He is certainly bigger than our words as well.

The universe is a good illustration of God’s infinite nature. It has two parts—the known and the unknown. Scientists measure the size of the known universe to be about 93 billion light-years. Since the known universe is measurable, it is finite. The unknown universe cannot be measured, thus infinite, just like God. He is simply beyond the beyond. Unfortunately, many believers put God in a box. They attempt to manage Him. Those with higher knowledge demand a larger box, and those with prideful tendencies strengthen their box, ensuring God stays within their earthly limitations. It’s time to realize that God does not fit within a man-made container.

After being in God’s presence for ten days, I believe God is asking us to move beyond what we think we know about Him and embrace who He really is. I pray He shows up for you in jaw-dropping ways that shatter your idea of who you thought He was, so you can embrace who He truly it.


“With God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)




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Randal and Tracy Dowdy are the authors of Beyond Impossible: How a Divine Visitation Brought New Life to a Marriage. Randal and Tracy are living examples of the goodness of God, both individually and as a couple. After experiencing a supernatural encounter with God and seeing His restorative hand at work in undeniable ways, they now carry a mandate to reach those in the brokenness they were freed from. Through speaking, print, and multi-media, Randal and Tracy are carrying out God’s directive which is to “show up and tell the story.” Their prayer is that their story would inspire you to seek the God who is still writing yours.