Digging Out Wells

Now is the time to clean out the church well!!  Once again, God, with permission, will do an invasive work in the heart of the church. 

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As Spirit-filled Christians, we have a problem!  We know we are missing the power, revelation, and results we should be experiencing! But why? Our spiritual eyes are clouded over and our spiritual ears are straining to hear. The answer is our wells are stopped up! If we are to have a fresh revelation, fresh “water of the word”, we need a fresh source. The water is still in the well. It has just been covered up, covered over, stopped up and unable to be pumped out. There are rocks and bottles and garbage and mud packed into your source. These were not all of your doing. Much was thrown into your well by means of criticism, poor teaching, unrighteous expectations, etc. But it now resides in your well and you own it until you throw it out of there.

There is a work involved in unstopping wells–it isn’t a matter of just saying “Lord, please dig out my well!” or asking to be delivered of “stopped up well” disease. You can’t pray or pay for someone else to dig out YOUR well. It is a process of crawling down into it (your heart, your mind, your spirit) and throwing out what is in there. The garbage you will find may surprise you. You must begin by giving God permission to go into the deepest places of your heart and expose what is there. Not a fun experience because we all have things hidden in our hearts that we don’t want to know about. And the process will call forth repentance, renouncing, revelation, tears, and tearing of flesh. Some of the rocks will be light and easy but some will be heavy and burdensome and you may then call on the Lord or your brother for help in hauling them out—but oh, the joy, as each one is removed because with each heave-ho you are one step closer to pure living water. Imagine having a clean deep well of living water–the one you first took a drink from when you were saved and set free. Imagine the joy of once again experiencing your “first love”—of seeing passion ignited–compassion restored–the presence of God all around you–revelation released!! All signs your well is cleaned out!!

Now imagine joining up with other believers in the same circumstance—imagine the fire, imagine the zeal, imagine the revival. 

Now is the time to clean out the church well!!  Once again, God, with permission, will do an invasive work in the heart of the church.  Might be a little easier because there are several of you but have no doubt that it is also difficult work. Not everybody in the church will want the well dug out. There are many comfortable and happy in their Laodicean lukewarmness and are actually guilty of throwing in some of the biggest rocks. Tradition, pride, and legalism (as a few examples) do not give themselves up easily. There are those who would try to pull those stones back in but it can’t be allowed. There are those who will leave the church when the well is cleaned out but that is okay–they are essentially dead fish because they have a dead religion–and dead fish will contaminate a good well.

It will be a process that brings tears and tears (rips) because it will pull out years and years and years of “stuff”. Some stuff we hated and some stuff we (ignorantly) loved. But when that old church gets it’s well cleaned out, watch out!!!  The water of life, the old gospel well, the well of atonement, the agape love of the Father are going to pour out into the streets of our city. Church after church will go to neighborhood after neighborhood and dig out old city wells of revival. Then, how the water will flow. Pure gospel water. Pure revival water. Pure signs and wonders and miracles water. As has been prophesied before, it will set a new watermark in our cities. I pray your city will be known as a city deluged with miracles, a city where God dwells, a city known for righteousness




Written by Debbie Fickess 

Featured Image by Frank Albrecht on Unsplash


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