Desert to Dessert

The extra and abundance you experience in this next season will be to bless others.

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The Lord spoke an unusual phrase to me in a time of prayer recently. He said, “desert to dessert.” At first, I did not understand what the Lord was trying to communicate with me. However, as I continued praying, the Lord began to reveal to me that this was a prophetic promise that He is giving to many in this season! God is about to take many from a desolate and desperate place to a place of overflow and more than enough.

If you think about a natural desert it is dry, desolate, and little to no vegetation grows there. If you are sowing seed into a desert, you will not see much harvest. Many have felt like they have spent season after season in a dry place surviving instead of thriving. But, if that is you, I want to encourage you, you are about to experience refreshing from the Lord! God is bringing many from a desert to dessert. From dead and dry to lush and thriving!

The more I prayed into this word, the more the Lord revealed to me about the meaning behind dessert. Dessert is something extra. Dessert is something you eat even after you are full. Desert to dessert is a picture of how the Lord will take many from seasons of survival and scarcity into a season of abundance and overflow! Where things have felt dry and desperate you are instead about to experience more than enough. In this season, God will pour out blessing after blessing upon you until you are both satisfied and overflowing. He is taking many from a poverty or lack mindset and giving them an abundance mindset in this season. There is no lack or limit in the Kingdom of God so get ready to see those things moved out of your life!

The extra and abundance you experience in this next season will be to bless others. As you go from desert to dessert the Lord will want you to share that overflow in order to bless others. Sometimes all someone needs in order to get their breakthrough is for us to share our breakthrough with them. Always remember that when God brings us into abundance it is not only for ourselves but to bless others! The blessing God places on our life is not only for our benefit but for the benefit and impact of those God puts in our sphere of influence. Don’t waste or be stingy with the overflow!

In this hour, God is looking for those that have been steadfast in the desert seasons to bring them into the abundance He has for them. Soon you will taste and see that the Lord is good and He is always faithful. The abundance you will step into will overflow into the lives of those around you to advance the Kingdom of God. Make sure you are in position to properly steward and sustain the abundance and overflow coming your way! Get ready, this will be a season for many to go from a desert to dessert!



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