Delays and Distractions

Shift your gaze to the Lord and let your faith rise as you remember and contend for every promise.

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Recently, I was in a corporate prayer meeting, and the Lord spoke to me and just said, “distractions.” Then as I continued to pray, I heard the Lord say, “more than usual.” The Lord was showing me that the enemy is after your God-given purpose and will do anything to keep you from it, especially in this season. I believe the enemy is specifically targeting believers with distractions right now in an attempt to throw you off course.

These distractions are not just normal life circumstances coming at you, these are specific situations, conflicts, and anything the enemy can use in order to create a distraction in your life. Don’t let this tactic of the enemy divide your attention and energy in this season. Keep your focus on what God has said to you and cling to every promise He has entrusted to you.

In this same time of prayer, the Lord said to me, “delays.” So many in the body of Christ have experienced delays in the previous season, and this has left many feeling defeated and discouraged. However, this word is for you! The Lord is breaking the delays and distractions of the enemy and wants to bring you into clarity, discernment, and the fullness of every single prophetic promise you have been given.

Don’t confuse the delays of the past season for God’s absence or dismissal of what He has spoken to you. Every single thing God has promised you will come to pass if you do not give up!

For several days after the Lord spoke this to me, I heard from many people that they are experiencing delay and discouragement. If you are currently battling this, you are not alone! The enemy is strategically unleashing delay, distractions, and discouragement in this hour. But this is your time to rise up and push back the enemy as you pray and keep moving forward with God.

I believe that the Lord is wanting to give His people a new level of clarity and confidence in what He is calling them to do individually and corporately in this hour. God is looking for those who will see the distractions of the enemy for exactly what they are and begin to operate with an advanced discernment moving forward with Him.

This is a timely word for every single son or daughter of God that is feeling defeated or delayed. Do not give in to the distraction in this season. Instead, begin to shift your gaze to the Lord and let your faith rise as you remember and contend for every promise because your season of fulfillment is about to come to pass! My friends, understand that if you are discouraged and experiencing delay, it is not because your breakthrough is far from you. In fact, it is because you are right on the edge of your breakthrough!

Don’t you dare give up or give in now! Don’t faint or lose heart right before your season of harvest because it is on the horizon for you. So I want to encourage you today with this word from the Lord. You may have been delayed and distracted in this season, but soon you will see your breakthrough come swiftly to pass! This is your season!


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