Deep Work of Deliverance and Restoration

God’s Glory is about to come upon the scene from those secret places.

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Recently the Lord gave me an impression in the Spirit of what sounded like water rushing in a very active River. These waters weren’t visible to my sight but I could hear them rushing as if the stream was right beside me.

As I pondered what I was hearing the Lord said, ” I Am doing a deeply hidden work in the hearts of many in this hour. This work is being hidden beneath the surface away from the naked eye. Many hearts that have been wounded and hurt, traumatized, victimized, spoken against, and rejected are being healed away from the visible places.” 

He is at work in those who have felt as if they were surrounded by the enemy of their souls on all sides. Many of these people have felt as if the devil was in complete control of their personal circumstances, but what they didn’t realize was that the Lord was doing an internal work outside of the enemy’s view, so that just when the enemy thinks that he’s in sight of a victory, THE LORD IS GOING TO RISE UP FROM THOSE HIDDEN PLACES AND HAND HIM A MISERABLE DEFEAT IN ITS PLACE!

“When the enemy shall come in like a flood THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WILL RAISE UP A STANDARD AGAINST HIM AND PUT HIM TO FLIGHT  (for He shall come LIKE A RUSHING STREAM that the Spirit of the Lord drives).” Isaiah 59:19b 

GOD IS ABOUT TO ARISE FROM THE HIDDEN PLACES OF HIS REST IN YOUR LIFE AND DRIVE THE ENEMY COMPLETELY OUT! There’s a major battle that is going on over the souls of many people right now in the Spirit realm, so this deliverance and restoration is coming on the heels of much personal Intercession. 

If you have a loved one who has suddenly started acting strange or has taken off like they have gone crazy, God is probably doing a deep work upon the inside of them that is currently hidden from natural view. 

Don’t react to their actions, instead take the situation straight to the Lord in prayer and begin to actively intercede for their situation. Most likely the reason that they are doing this is because the enemy knows he’s losing control of the gates in their life that he currently possesses, so he is attempting to retain his hold upon them by driving them out of their current circumstances, but his time is coming to an end! 

The Lord is drawing all those hidden things in their life to the surface so that He can set them free. God’s Glory is about to come upon the scene from those secret places, (hidden from the enemy’s view), and instead of him getting the victory in the situation, he will be driven out and handed a miserable defeat from the Presence of God. 


In God’s blessing over Abraham, He told Abraham that, 

“In blessing I will bless you and in multiplying I will multiply your descendants like the stars of the heavens and like the sand on the seashore. And your SEED will possess the GATE OF HIS ENEMIES,” Genesis 22:17.

Jesus is going to gain the victory in these situations, but intercession is the key! Stand in the gap folks! This could be a very critical hour for them as you begin to pray into their situation over their current state, expect Holy Spirit intervention to come as God works out the details in front of you. 

Expect your miracle, because when looks really bad, it’s often right on the edge of a major breakthrough. God has set up an ambush for your enemy’s feet and he doesn’t even realize it yet!




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