Decorating For Fall on a Budget

Here’s how to get all “fall up in here” without a lot of effort, clutter, or breaking the bank. Your guide to decorating for fall in 3 simple steps.

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Fall, are you there? It’s me, Rebeka.

FINALLY. People, this has been the year of the never-ending summer. Until, today, my friends. The cold front that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. And I am feeling frisky. Which means I am finally in the mood to decorate!

Decorating for fall is totes my fave.

I am all about taking the minimalist route when it comes to home decor. Less is definitely more in my decorating book. And I stick to that mantra when I am transitioning my decor pieces per season. I know what you’re wondering…Even Christmas? Yep, I keep it minimal even during Christmas.

Here’s the deal. Clutter, even cute decorated clutter makes me crazy. It makes me feel overwhelmed. However, I still love to decorate my house with the coordinating season. Enter a minimalist method of decorating.

I also really like to utilize whatever I have on hand. Don’t get me wrong. I do love a good Target or Hobby Lobby splurge every once in a while. But for the most part, I want to use what I already have. This also helps keep the clutter at bay, and it’s very budget-friendly.

Here’s how to get all “fall up in here” without a lot of effort, clutter, or breaking the bank. Your guide to decorating for fall in 3 simple steps.

1. Cute Pillows and Throw

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“Um, Rebeka, you forgot to move that cat blanket out of the shot. And looks like an unmade bed and some open drawers in the background.”

Yep. Except, I didn’t forget to move them. This is real life people. And I refuse to constantly be moving things around so I can get a “perfect” shot. Because that’s not real life. And frankly, being inauthentic also makes me crazy. Plus, my daughter just built her spaceship fort, and I couldn’t ask her to move it so I could get an “Insta-worthy” shot. Oh, and the open drawers? Yes, I have a 12-year-old. Need I say more? Ha!

Pillows: Old and New

Okay, back to the pillows and throw (AKA: blanket) on my couch. All of these pillows are from Target, but only two of these are new. I just purchased the two green pillows from Target. You can grab them here. They are velvety soft. I chose this green color because I know they will transition well into the Christmas decor that I already have. And honestly, I love this color of green and have it throughout my home on a regular basis. So I knew they would be a versatile piece, therefore, worth the money.

Throw/Quilt: Priceless and Useful

This is a quilt that my mother-in-law made us years ago. I love the pop of red that matches so perfectly with the eclectic feather pillow pictured in the center. It’s something that we will actually use to snuggle up with on the couch, and it has a deeper meaning because it was made specifically for us. It’s truly a priceless item, and I love to decorate with it any chance I get.

2. Table Tchotchkes

My dad always uses the word tchotchkes, and I didn’t even know it was a real word until I needed to write this post. I Googled it to see. And sure enough. It’s a legit word. I didn’t even have to make it up. The more you know…Ha!

This is a prime example of using what you have on hand to create simplistic table decor.

The Antlers

My husband and son brought these home from Wyoming. They went on an antelope hunting trip not too long ago and found these sheds while hiking across the incredible Wyoming terrain.

P.S. the table is a pallet table that my husband made for me a few years ago. I had been stalking them on Pinterest. And he made all my DIY Pallet Table dreams come true with this one.

A Candle or Two

I was browsing through Target the other day and landed in the Hearth and Hand section, as I do often, and found this gem of a candle. If fall had a smell, this would be it, friend! Snag yours.

Sage and Plate

I found this sage and simple plate at a local shop. I have a sweet spot for local businesses, and I love picking up random things like this to add to my decor. Will I burn the sage? Probably, eventually. But for now, it sure is cute on my table, right? If you love an eclectic flare as much as I do, check out Patina Green in Downtown McKinney, Texas.

Pumpkin Spice Room Spray

This also came from Patina Green. Funny story. I was actually in their restroom and noticed this in there by the sink. I gave it a spray just out of pure curiosity and because it said PUMPKIN SPICE. If you didn’t know, I am about as #basicwhitegirl as they come. It smelled so freaking good that I actually spritzed a little on my shirt and wore as perfume. I am such a weirdo. But that’s nothing new. Ha!

Mini Succulent

I feel like I am really outing my Target obsession here. This cute little doo-dad (sure that’s a word) came from the Target Dollar Aisle last fall. I am not sure if they have them this year, but it’s totally worth a shot. I bought quite a few of them. Here’s another way I utilize them in my everyday decor.

3. Simple Mantle Decor Swap

I am a sucker for simple swaps. It’s a method I teach when I am coaching people on transitioning their food choices to a cleaner version. And it seems that methodology has also transferred into decorating my home. Here’s how to swap a few things out on your mantle to get a Fall feel.

Picture Swap

As you can see in this before picture compared to the one below, I just swapped out our patriotic picture (left from our 4th of July decor, and I just love it so I leave it up a while) for a Hobby Lobby ‘Happy Harvest’ piece of art.

Flower Swap

I also swapped the cotton in the repurposed kombucha jug for some fake fall flowers. Ideally, I would love to replace these with sunflowers. But I already had these on hand stored in my fall decor. And I love this garland that I purchased last year from Target. It’s Hearth and Hand as well.

And there you have it, friend. If you wanted to take a fourth step in this guide, I’d say put some cute pumpkins outside your front door and finish it off with a cute wreath. I am still on the lookout for one that fits my minimalist farmhouse decor. If you see one you think I’d love, please send it my way!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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