DAY 1: The Summer of His Face Shining Upon Us – Psalm 1

Fruit is the blessing of your GIFT and leaves are the blessing of your CHARACTER.

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Today, July 14 of 2020, is day 1 in our countdown. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that we would have the blessing of 67 days of His face shining on us to do that which only He can do in the midst of the challenges of 2020. Each day I will take a Psalm (1-67) and highlight three specific things. (I recommend that you read the whole chapter for full benefit)

1) The key verse.
2) The overall theme.
3) The description of the Lord.

Psalm 1

Key Verse: “They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in whatever they do.” Psalm 1:3

Overall Theme: The rewards and blessing of loving and heeding God’s word.

Description of the Lord: He who watches over/ knows your journey.

The truth of this chapter is profound and sets us up to be in the place of seeing His face shining upon us during these 67 days of blessing. It is only appropriate that our journey would begin with “Blessed is the man…” (NKJV). This is His heart for us. It starts with us not listening to those who despise God and specifically staying out of “the seat of the scornful”. This “seat” is where we would yield to cynicism of heart which always dulls our spirit. Instead, we want to be those that love His word. Those of you who have agreed to go on this 67-day journey is in doing that expressing your love for His word. Verse 2, speaks of meditating on it day and night. “The word” is always a combination of scripture and present inspiration of the Holy Spirit. That is what keeps it alive like a running river.

In the key verse 3, there is a great promise and reality for those who will cherish His word in this way. Four blessings become ours.

1) We become like trees planted along a riverbank.

This means never needing to worry about being rained upon or watered in any way. A tree beside a riverbank has continual life for its roots based on its proximity to the river. This is what happens when we stay close to reading the scriptures and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through it in a present way (Living Word). He of course is the River.

2) We bear fruit EACH season.

This is an amazing blessing. There is NO non-fruit-bearing season when we will prioritize His Living Word- especially while staying out of the seat of cynicism. Cynicism stops our fruit-bearing cycle. Being washed in the Living Word renews child-like faith.

3) We have leaves that NEVER wither.

This speaks into the always fruitful season we can be blessed to live out. This is not a normal pattern with fruit trees as there is usually a season where the leaves wither and fall off. Always having green leaves means being available to provide shade for those who need refuge from the intense elements. It means always carrying hope. A tree of blessing is so both by its’ fruit and by its leaves. Fruit is the blessing of your GIFT and leaves are the blessing of your CHARACTER. But proximity to the River is the key to it all.

4) We prosper in WHATEVER we do.

This is just a maximum blessing. In Genesis, it says of Joseph that God made “whatever he did to prosper”. No need to pray “Lord which direction should I take?” “Where do I invest?” or “Which job do I accept?” etc. etc.— The Lord says “whatever”, I am going to prosper it anyway. The word “prosper” here means “to rush, to advance, to be profitable, to break out— to go over or through a river”. I love that last one. It means going into “Promised Land”.

A God Who Watches Our Path

In this chapter, the description of God is one who is looking over our journey. God attends to our individual path. What a blessing to remain pondering on Him all day as the one who not only watches US- but where we have been and where we are headed. He is not a distant and distracted God. He is the River that runs right by our lives if we will let Him be so.

As you begin this 67-day journey, may you sense His face shining on you today. May evidence of it show up in your life today. May evidence of it show up in our nation today. God, we look to you.


Written by: Johnny Enlow


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The 67 Day Countdown Series is brought to you by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, founders of Restore7 ministry, as well as international speakers and best-selling authors. Among Johnny’s books are The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, Rainbow God, The Seven Mountain Renaissance, Becoming A Superhero, and RISE. Elizabeth serves as CEO and penned Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love and God in Every Season.

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