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Be steadfast in your secret place, make your own history with God so that, when something tries to shake you, it’s impossible for it to prevail.

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Many hidden things have been coming to the light over the past few months…
And my biggest concern is those who might be tempted to walk away from the Lord because of the fall out of it, so I want us to be prepared to face some of this stuff when more comes.
I learned yesterday that a pastor, who I used to be affiliated with, had been having an *extended* affair, resigned, and divorced his wife.
This info is from the church’s website, five-month-old public news.
I’ll be honest, I’m mad.
First, I am mad for the people he was supposed to pastor.
I’m mad I was told he was safe.
I am mad he had the opportunity to speak into my life while having this affair.
I’m mad that I saw some issues first hand and said nothing.
I forgive him. That’s easy, to be honest, because I had already (from peace) walked away from his influence.
But I still heard the enemy say: “See, the gospel isn’t real; people are evil—even leaders. Jesus can’t change anyone.”
I hear these invitations to doubt the Cross, and they stand FACE TO FACE with the history I have with God in my secret place.
Actually, they BOW to it.
I have testimonies in my life of radical, instantaneous transformation that can only be explained by the supernatural power and love of God.
I have the evidence of a heart that delights in extending mercy to the repentant that can only come from encountering the One who bleeds forgiveness.
I also now have leaders in my life who are full of integrity, who have served faithfully for decades.
The key here is I promised the Lord long ago that I wouldn’t let the experiences of others dictate His Truth.
That I wouldn’t let the failures of others change ANYTHING about my relationship with Him.
So this season of things coming to light isn’t scary or bad. My prayer is ALL will see His kindness and choose repentance. Agree with me on that, will you?
But no matter what happens, I encourage you, don’t let their choices, their experiences, or their failures sway you.
Be steadfast in your secret place, make your own history with God so that, when something tries to shake you, it’s impossible for it to prevail.
Because it’s not a revival that is coming, my friends, it’s a revolution.
Written by Carla Pratico
Featured Image By Mahkeo
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