Darkest Before Dawn

Pentecost 2022 will see The Holy Spirit Fire fall on the “Upper Room Remnant,” known as the Remnant Church, and bring revival to the world.

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As Pentecost draws closer, it’s the 5th 0f June, my antennae picks up more and more in the spiritual realm.

I keep hearing Prophetic Words, both for us and from us, about blessings and about open doors. An evangelist friend has been abroad this past week or so, and the blessings and open doors he and his team have experienced have been nothing short of miraculous! Even beyond that too!

Yet I am also observing things in the natural getting darker and darker — more and more demonic every day. Several prophets acknowledged and well-known prophets, have been speaking about things getting worse before they get better.

As Thomas Fuller wrote in 1650, it’s always darkest before dawn, and the Bible speaks about tears in the night and joy in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

So biblically and prophetically we appear to be moving towards both the darkest night followed by the brightest dawn! Politically, we are getting deeper and deeper into what I can only call, “the season of reprobate minds” (Romans 1:28 ASV)

The coming attempt by WHO and WEF to coerce as many countries as possible into line with their NWO plans is, I prophesy, the ‘dark point before dawn’ that will put the spark to the fire of revival throughout the world.

Pentecost 2022 will see The Holy Spirit Fire fall on the “Upper Room Remnant,” known as the Remnant Church, and bring revival to the world.

It will be a ‘revival without walls’. Outside the four walls of buildings; outside the control of government; and outside man’s traditional thinking!

We are seeing the forerunner of this in the tent crusades in America and elsewhere. Unchurched people are very wary of Church buildings because they neither know nor understand what goes on in there!

They don’t mind the idea of a tent as, psychologically, it’s a temporary structure with no permanence.

Today’s Tent Meetings have shown that people will flock to them because there’s no apparent barrier holding them in — they can walk away any time they want. The fact that very few do walk away is testimony to The Holy Spirit’s magnetism!

Yes, these coming few weeks are pivotal to both Revival and the Restoration of sanity, in what is currently becoming a mad, mad world!

The whole deep state ‘house of cards’ is coming down. There will be chaos for a time, but God is in control, and His will shall prevail.

I even see CERN imploding and collapsing.

For those of you who have ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit says.

Call the intercessors! Call the prophets! Let them listen to The LORD and follow His leading.

It is getting very dark — but dawn is coming. Do you hear me?

It is getting very dark, but dawn is coming!

Keep praying, keep believing, for God is still on His Throne!



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