When we are faithful to cultivate and steward well the areas God is highlighting to us then God will pour out His favor and blessing in our lives.

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I was recently in one of our prayer meetings at our church and could sense the presence and power of God in such a strong way. I began to thank the Lord for His presence and His power that was so tangible in that moment. Then the Lord spoke to me and just said one word, “Cultivate”. Then I looked up the definition of cultivate and it means to prepare to use. I was blown away by that definition. I believe what the Lord was saying was that this is a season for many to cultivate what God has called you to grow and that He is cultivating or preparing many in the body of Christ to be used mightily in the upcoming season.

When I look back at the many words and promises that God has given to my wife, Autumn, and me, I realize that many of them have come to pass because we were diligent about stewarding them. We can cultivate our lives in such a way that when God is ready to use us then we are already prepared to step into whatever He has for each of us. I believe the Lord is calling many to be very intentional about what they are cultivating in this season because of what is coming to them in the next. I believe for those who will say yes to preparing, positioning, and aligning themselves with the Lord will be set up for explosive growth and breakthrough in 2022.

I also believe that the Lord is going to speak to a lot of people about walking away from certain endeavors, relationships, and assignments that do not need to be cultivated in this season. One of the most powerful revelations the Lord ever gave to me is that different seasons have different assignments. There are some areas, relationships, and assignments that you simply need to walk away from so that you can cultivate exactly what the Lord is calling you to in this season. When you stop giving attention to something, it will die. This can work in your favor if you are willing to lay down whatever the Lord is asking you to walk away from. However, this can also bring calamity to you if you do not cultivate those areas the Lord is speaking to you about. The key to setting yourself up for Kingdom advancement in this next season is to only cultivate exactly what the Lord is speaking to you. Lean in to hear from the Lord and practice great discernment in this season and you will experience explosive growth in 2022!

When we are faithful to cultivate and steward well the areas God is highlighting to us then God will pour out His favor and blessing in our lives. When God waters the seeds we’ve sown, Kingdom fruit is produced. I want to encourage you to get in proper position for what God has for you in the next season by cultivating every area of your life today. Take inventory and an assessment in prayer of everything you are giving attention and energy to in this season. Cultivate and prepare for growth now so that you can launch into 2022 ready to see the Kingdom of God advanced in and through your life!



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