COVID-19: Are the Medical Experts Hindering Breakthrough?

Could breakthrough in the form of a Coronavirus cure be right in front of us—just behind the medical professionals?

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OPINION – As our nation experiences increasing levels of lockdown and financial devastation, skepticism about the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic also continues to rise. Questions have centered on the actions of the mainstream media, politicians and the conjoined political operatives—but it seems more and more that greater focus needs to be directed towards the designated “medical experts” themselves.

More specifically, the United States government (across the federal, state, and local levels) has taken unprecedented actions to curb the spread of the Coronavirus based on the direction and advice of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) leaders Dr. Anthony Fauci and Ambassador Dr. Deborah Birx. These aggressive actions to address the pandemic have, in turn, had a crushing effect on the economy, our financial well-being, our freedoms, and our overall quality of life.

During this watershed moment, the actions of and response by the mainstream media and politicos have drawn scrutiny from the outset. Many within these two factions have used this serious medical crisis to incite fear, attack the Trump Administration, spread falsehoods, sow division, and attempt to leverage these medical and economic crises for other self-interests.

Conversely, the two “renowned medical experts” leading our nation’s medical response have been afforded hero status. The mainstream media and politicos have demonstrated an extreme reverence and respect for Dr. Fauci on par with the legendary Robert Mueller—and have also made it clear that we should do whatever he says to do!

Since the pandemic was thrust upon us, I have intensely studied the words, body language, actions, and backgrounds of these two people who have had such a profound impact on all our lives. Over time, observations turned to questions—questions turned skepticism—and skepticism turned to outright concerns.


One Dimensional View

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx appear to have a one-dimensional view of a multidimensional situation. They seem to be attempting to solve a Rubik’s Cube while looking at only one side of the cube. Truly brilliant people recognize that “the cure can’t be worse than the problem.” Is the devastation of people losing their life savings, jobs, businesses, and freedom beyond their realm of comprehension?


Flawed Assumptions and Modeling

It is highly suspect at best, and tremendously alarming at worst, that the “best scientists in the world” would continue to use deeply-flawed assumptions and highly inaccurate modeling to drive decision-making, actions, recommendations, and messaging—especially with such exceedingly high stakes involved!

The Gateway Pundit has been a leader in drawing attention to these anomalies and misrepresentations. As they reported weeks ago, the WHO and CDC were using “apples-to-oranges” when comparing Influenza to COVID-19 mortality rates. Lethality of the flu was based on 36 million projected cases, while the coronavirus was based on confirmed cases. With apples-to-apples denominators, the fatality rates appear to be very similar—which, interestingly enough, Dr. Fauci wrote in the New England Medical Journal on March 26th. At the same time, his recommended measures are based on dramatically different assumptions.

The “sophisticated” models have also wildly over-projected the number of hospitalizations and ICU patients. This has stoked fear and discord, while greatly jacking up the projected needs for hospital beds, staff, and ventilators by multiples of 4, 6, 8, or even 40 times!

Additionally, modeling for the entire country continues to be based on data from hotspots such as the New York metro area and Italy. It does not require a rocket scientist to discern that the assumptions should be different for regions that are much-less-densely populated and with minimal or zero international travel.


Ignoring and Obviating the Cure

Both The Gateway Pundit and The Ingraham Angle have been forerunners in presenting tremendously encouraging information about a simple, highly accessible treatment for the Coronavirus. The excellent results already achieved both here and abroad (further reinforced by other anecdotal data and miracle testimonies), using a combination of long-used, low-risk drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin are reason to shout from the rooftops and fast-track this treatment.

Yet, the two CDC lead doctors seem to go out of their way to ignore and dismiss these drugs. Instead, Dr. Fauci spins about needing clinical studies, repeatedly throws ice water on enthusiasm offered by President Trump, and diverts all discussion to the creation of a vaccine in 12-18 months. That’s too little, too late when a safe, effective treatment is available NOW!

At the President’s urging, the FDA has approved the use of these drugs for “off-label use for compassionate care.” This is good, but also misses the mark. Doctors who have witnessed much success also stress the importance of introducing the regimen early on before complications advance. There is also ample data showing that people who are already taking this drug are not as readily contracting COVID-19.


Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation

Please don’t get me wrong, mitigation is good and necessary for obvious reasons. The question becomes, though, whether mitigation requiring the complete lockdown of our entire country, inducing recession or even depression, or destroying the financial well-being of a large swath of our population is warranted? Is there some middle ground?

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx seem to have a singular focus on mitigation without regard to other resulting devastation. But, they also oddly seem to ignore treatment for Coronavirus patients. When reviewing models, the only factor they mention regarding mortality rates is mitigation techniques.

Does the quality of medical care not have any impact? Should they not put a focus on available medical treatments? Effective treatment would be an exponentially better answer to the pandemic than mitigation because it does not require a devastatingly high price in exchange.


CDC Lack of Preparedness

At the outset, the Pandemic response was clumsy due to the inability to scale testing in any type of meaningful way. The system that was in place was ineffective and had to be totally re-imagined and re-engineered on the fly.

The media and politicos repeatedly and unmercifully bashed the Trump Administration for the delays, but the CDC was ultimately responsible. As the expert bureaucracy with tens of billions of dollars invested year after year to be prepared for something like this, it sure seems that it required the brilliance and fast action of the non-bureaucrats in the Trump Administration to pull them out of the fire.

Also, Dr. Fauci himself professed in late January that the Coronavirus did not pose a threat to the United States. Based on available information, this may have been a reasonable position.

However, the media and political rivals have been attacking the President for not acting early enough, despite the fact that he took swift action to shut off travel from China and form a task force at the same time as Fauci’s comments.


Troubling Affiliations and Conflicts of Interest

Upon closer examination, both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx seem to have troubling affiliations that represent conflicts of interest at best, and more troubling scenarios at worst.

Dr. Birx worked closely with the Clinton Foundation for years and her husband worked directly for Bill Clinton. She was also connected to Trump-hating, former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

It has been reported that Dr. Fauci has been close with Hillary Clinton and that he serves on various Big Pharma boards.

Both doctors are reported to have strong ties with Bill Gates. The Gates Foundation has been working on a vaccine and the COVID-19 model being primarily used by the CDC is administered by IHME, which was launched and funded by Gates.

Close ties with President Trump’s harshest critics and adversaries, along with affiliations that present clear conflicts of interest, surely cast doubt whether real or imagined.


Mainstream Media’s Fawning Adoration

Since the inception of the Trump Administration, the mainstream media has displayed dogged animus towards it. Every COVID-19 Task Force briefing provides ample evidence as members of the media pepper the speakers with endless gotcha questions and attacks cloaked in question marks—with the exception of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.

In poker, this might be referred to as a “tell.” Considering that the mainstream media oozes resistance and seems little interested in rallying around a cure or the heroic efforts of the administration in its real-time fight against this disease, it might suggest that they believe the two doctors are in alignment.

Based on words and actions, all do seem aligned in the opinion that we should shut down our nation indefinitely without regard to the dire consequences and discredit any medical treatments other than a vaccine in the relative-distant future. This is troubling, to say the least.


Statistical Tallies

Yesterday, the Gateway Pundit reported that the CDC has provided direction to essentially err on the side of attributing the cause of death to COVID-19 when in question. This would include when multiple underlying conditions exist. If true, this raises a red flag—or three.



The COVID-19 Pandemic has surely rocked our world, viciously affronting our health and well-being. In turn, our response has unleashed a tsunami across most other areas of our lives.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures—but not at all costs!

Practices such as social distancing, wearing masks, and fanatical hygiene can co-exist with re-opening our nation. Businesses that have continued to operate have not experienced a rampant spread of the virus. We should quickly gather their best practices and use them to guide the re-opening of other businesses.

Improvements to the models that drive decision-making are as simple as using better assumptions. As they say, “Garbage in, garbage out.” We pray that it is not a case of,  “Figures lie and liars figure.” It is paramount that we validate and ensure the integrity of this critical data.

Perhaps, most importantly, there is strong evidence from the medical community that Hydroxychloroquine works and it is safe—so, why would we delay in using this regimen while the death counts rise? Shouldn’t these two doctors be fast-tracking this initiative? Shouldn’t the very positive reports excite them? After all, in 2013 under the Obama Administration, Dr. Fauci himself was highly enthusiastic about indications that this same drug was effective against SARS.

The President and Vice President should immediately, and directly, appoint a COVID Treatment Advisory Group. It should include trusted medical professionals, including U.S. and International doctors with direct experience using this treatment on COVID-19 patients.

As far as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx go, I only know them through what I can observe. I struggle to ensure that those observations are not judgments, but rather that they instead invoke discernment. These doctors are clearly very bright, extremely knowledgeable, and obviously working tirelessly on the task force. Perhaps they also have all the best intentions and motives.

That said, it is possible for all those things to be true, but also for the fog of war to set in or for subconscious influence or bias to impact thoughts and actions. It is also possible to be so used to driving in one lane that you fail to see the other lanes around you—or even the oncoming tractor trailers bearing down on you!

The stakes are extremely high! So, accordingly, we can not allow two unelected individuals, even with just potential blind spots or unknowing bias, to drive the fate of our nation without check or balance. Alternatively, the motives could be much worse.

I want to see the good in everyone, but I also know what my gut is telling me. And, I believe breakthrough in the form of a cure is right at our fingertips.

Time is of the essence while sick patients and the nation’s overall well-being hang in the balance.

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