Courage: Sharing Your Story

Shame and Fear are keeping many bound and causing them to cower in isolation.

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I learned of this yesterday and I had to share!
The Latin word for COURAGE is COR. The meaning of COR is HEART.
Furthermore, “COURAGE, means to share your whole story with your whole heart!” – Brene Brown
It takes COURAGE to 
Be Authentic and Real
Fully Show Up and Be You
Choose Not To Care What People Think
 Own Your Story Free Of Shame
Do It Afraid & Overcome Fear
It takes a ‘Healed and Whole’ HEART to truly be COURAGEOUS in these ways!
I love real people! Tell me you screamed at your kids this morning, tell me you’re doubting God and feeling disappointed, tell me you’re second-guessing your marriage, tell me you feel like throwing in the towel, tell me the truth. It will truly set you free. Those things seem messy, however, they are real, relatable, and create true heart connections. They allow you to get honest with yourself, get honest with others, and invite hope, healing, and God‘s truth in. It allows others to expose the shame monster and fully love you for who you are.
The truth is, many people are hiding behind their seemingly perfect masks, afraid to fully be seen. Fearful of judgment, criticism, and rejection. ‘Shame and Fear’ are keeping them bound and causing them to cower in isolation. Many are suffering in silence!
If this is a struggle for you, I want you to know the Father desires to LOVE you into wholeness and heal ALL of your wounds. He is eagerly desiring for you to love, embrace, and accept ALL of who you are. I encourage you to SURRENDER all of it to Jesus and allow him to heal, deliver, redeem, and restore!
My desire is to live out loud and see others set free. I know the pain and crippling effects of shame and fear. I now live with PURE COURAGE because I did my heart work with Jesus. I often do things afraid and as I take risks, I simply choose to trust God through it all. I’ve come to accept my failures, my weaknesses, and my quirks! They are not my identity, they are areas that need a little more love. I often picture myself jumping off a cliff with my eyes closed, holding tightly to the arms of Jesus.
He is waiting for you to grab hold of him! He is your answer. He makes all things new, including your HEART!

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