Courage Means God’s Not Scared

This challenge to have faith outside the four walls of the church will cause us to face new fears that we’ve never had to face before.

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The Body of Christ is moving into a season where the Lord will challenge us to do greater feats for Him than we’ve ever done before. Now, let me be clear, the Holy Spirit is continually challenging His people to stand boldly in the culture, attempt new things, move in new arenas with spiritual gifts, and proclaim His Word. As revival comes, this continual challenge by the Holy Spirit to do great feats will intensify. The transformation of the coming revival into awakening will be partly dependent upon Spirit-filled believers doing great exploits for Him outside the church. 

As revival begins to manifest, more and more of the intensity of our call to the marketplace, education, institutions, the arts, and every other segment of society will increase. I’m not saying the Lord is calling us to reckless leaps of faith but to a combination of faith and wisdom that the church has never known in times past. The Lord is calling multitudes of Daniels that will demonstrate supernatural wisdom and power within the Babylon in which they live and work.

For a few readers, the Lord is calling you to change fields. The great feats to which He is calling you are within another profession. The Holy Spirit is summoning a few to move from one arena of operation to another. For others, you’re remaining in the same field, but the Spirit is calling you to change what culture you will practice within that field. This may require you to move your business to the other side of your town or even a move to the other side of the earth. There will be a newer cross-cultural element to your profession.

Even as I write this, I hear the Lord saying, “I’m calling many of My servants to emerging markets to bring the development of My Kingdom to Earth and to create wealth that will be used for My purposes.” No matter what changes the Lord is calling you to or what context the Lord has appointed you to serve by doing great exploits, there is certainly one challenge you will face, and that will be fear. Fear is certain because our call to do great exploits will be difficult, require great planning, necessitate a sharp learning curve, and will be high risk.

Many readers are preparing to retire. You don’t retire from the work of the Kingdom. You are not marginal to a church or to the coming move of God. Now is the time to use your gifts like never before. Now is the time to go on mission trips, volunteer, and mentor young men and women. Use this time to be about the Father’s business. Your exploits are not finished. 

This challenge to have faith outside the four walls of the church will cause us to face new fears that we’ve never had to face before. I’m not talking to the ones that others consider to have a more fearful and fretful personality. I’m talking to the bold. I’m talking to those that others refer to as fearless. The challenge, the magnitude, the risk, the initial discomfort, and the change will be so great that those considered fearless will say, “Do I have what it takes to do this?” This is not fear of the demonic or of physical harm, but this is fear of failure. This is the fear of loss due to great risk. This isn’t the fear that God will not come through but fear that His equipping in us is not complete in spite of the fact that the Holy Spirit is saying, “I’ve prepared you for such a time as this.”

As I was thinking about this reality the Lord was showing me, I began to be reminded of an encounter that my oldest daughter had when she could barely speak. My oldest living daughter, Abby, from birth has shown signs of unusual prophetic calling. She’s only seven now. She and her twin sister were born shortly after we lost our oldest daughter in a tragic car accident in 2010. We were hit by drug dealers driving under the influence. I don’t have time to go into the details of the immense darkness we were catapulted into, but just know that it was a really dark season for us. 

One morning, as we got our twins out of their crib, Abby told us that a “man came in their room last night.” We were interested in what she had to say, but we were expecting her to tell us something imaginary. Then she told us that the man gave her a message to pass on to us. Our interest suddenly perked, and we asked, “What was the message?” She said the man told her to tell us, “Courage means that God’s not scared.” We knew this was God because this kid could barely talk. We knew naturally she couldn’t come up with such a profound idea on her own. 

As my thoughts drifted from this memory, I felt the Lord wanted me to pass this message on to those who are currently being challenged by the Holy Spirit and to those that will be challenged to step out, make transitions, and do great exploits.

When the Lord calls You to make that step of faith and you’re faced with natural fear and need confidence to move forward, remember this: “Courage means that God’s not scared.” You may not feel confident, but He does. You may not feel ready, yet He has prepared you. Make that step of faith because you were called for such a time as this. 

If you’re in a season of transition or if the Holy Spirit is challenging you to make new steps of faith, then I encourage you to check out This is an article on my blog that explores calculating risk while having great faith. This is a solid biblical teaching that undergirds this prophetic word. 


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