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Am I focusing on what God has told me to focus on, or am I distracted by what is happening in the natural?

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I was praying recently and asking the Lord why there are so many believers that are not going after what they know He has called them to do. I asked the Lord how I could pray for these individuals who have not stepped into their destiny and I felt the Lord say, “People do not have confidence in Me.” When the Lord said this, I was immediately flooded with this revelation. There are many believers, church-going, Bible-believing, lovers of God who simply do not truly have confidence in God. Many don’t truly believe in the power of God and what He can do through someone who is fully surrendered to His destiny for them.

As I continued to pray, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “How do people walk in fear and have confidence in Me?” My immediate thought was, you can’t. We cannot walk in fear and have faith and confidence in the Lord at the same time. I believe in this season, God is looking for those who will throw off their fear and step into a faith-filled walk with the Holy Spirit.

So I want to challenge you today with this question: how confident are you in the Holy Spirit? When the Lord spoke this word to me, I thought that I was definitely very confident in the Holy Spirit. But honestly, as I spent time in prayer with the Lord, I felt a check in my spirit. The Lord convicted me that I am not as confident in Him as I thought I was. So I have been seeking the Lord about how I can strengthen my confidence in Him and walk in the fullness of all He has for me.

There’s an old saying that goes, “You need to inspect what you expect.” So I inspect myself all the time. I ask myself things like, am I producing what I know I’m called to produce? Am I doing what I know I’m called to do? Am I focusing on what God has told me to focus on, or am I distracted by what is happening in the natural? Many times we try to rationalize or overanalyze what the Holy Spirit is saying to us or asking us to do. We want to figure out exactly how God will do something or when exactly He’ll open to door or give us the breakthrough. However, faith requires us to move forward without having all of our questions answered. When I start to feel unsure of what I know God has said to me or asked me to do, I remind myself of this: Has God said it? Then He will do it.

So my friends, if God has promised to do it, He will. If He has said you can, you absolutely can if you do it with Him. Now is the time for you and me to do the very things that God Almighty has called us to do. I really believe that if we will walk in step with the Holy Spirit and do everything He leads us to do with full confidence, then we can live the life that God has called us to live.

Be confident that if God is calling you to do that business deal to step out into an adventure, start a ministry or apply for that job you don’t feel qualified for, whatever it is with God; you can do it. Be confident in the power of the Holy Spirit and move forward with the Lord.

Anytime I have stepped out in faith and seen God come through for me, it is because I was not confident in myself, but I was confident in Him. If you are confident in His Word, then you cannot fail because He never fails and He never breaks a promise. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Ultimately, a lot of times, people don’t trust what God has spoken to them because people have let them down. Listen, God is not a man, so He does not lie. If He said it, you can believe it and you can take it to the bank. Especially in this season, you’ve got to learn to trust the voice of God and be confident in Him!

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