Come Sit at My Table and Hear about The One 

Come hear about The One who loved me at my worst. 

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It’s tragic how far we’re willing to push people away from Christ with our super self-righteous “holiday” posts. 

Souls are what matters to Jesus. He gave up HIS LIFE for sinful men. 

Not holidays. 

Not feasts. 

Not Facebook. 

Not apologetics. 


Yet, the saved can’t even shut their mouths long enough to preach the simple gospel. 

Your neighbor is going to hell but don’t you dare let someone call it Easter. 

Two of your children aren’t saved but make sure you start an argument over what days Jesus was in the tomb. 

Your coworkers don’t know Jesus but you made sure they know all about Ishtar and the pagan roots of Easter.

Shaking my head….dude you missed your shot. 

Satan laughs at our puffed-up pride. 

I weep. 

I’m not suggesting pagan rituals have any place in the church. I am suggesting we need to learn how to meet people where they are. 


Let HOLY SPIRIT do HIS JOB once they’re actually saved! If you don’t agree with how others celebrate our Savior pray for them – but stop scaring away the unbelievers! 

All are welcome at my table. Easter celebrators. Passover celebrators. The saved. The unsaved. The drunk, the high, the prostitutes, and the murderers. 

Come hear about The One. 

He is fully God and He was fully man. 

Only The Son of Man could atone for the sins of man. Only The Son of God could withstand the wrath of God. 

He hung upon a cross for us, as us. 

He did it for me. As me. He did it for you. As you. He calls you beloved, and His heart aches for you to come home. Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved! 

Come hear about The One who loved me at my worst. 

He loved me when I was popping pills. He loved me when I was drinking to excess. He loved me when I was practicing witchcraft. He loved me when I was knee-deep in debauchery and sin. 

He loved me when I called it “Easter”. Yes, even when I had the gall to say “Happy Easter!”

Call me crazy – or a heretic – but I’m pretty sure that was the least of His concerns. Maybe we can do better next year, I pray.

Our perfection smells a lot like pride.

How many unbelievers did you invite into your home this year? How many heard the gospel IN LOVE at your Passover, Easter, Resurrection Sunday table? How many strangers did you approach with THE GOOD NEWS that HE IS ALIVE? 

How many of the hungry did you feed? 

Let’s feast on that. 



Written by Heidi Davis

Featured Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay


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