Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit as we seek, ask and knock for your presence.

Asking in faith, believing in Your promise, we come with expectation.

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The Holy Spirit of God, free to all, come with might and power.

The promise given, all are afar off receive, as many as called.

As the disciples long ago, He comes with tongues of fire in this hour.

Out of our inner beings flow rivers of living water, to be enthralled.

Delighting in giving the Holy Spirit, the Father gives to all called.


Come Holy Spirit as we seek, ask and knock for your presence.

Asking in faith, believing in Your promise, we come with expectation.

As we seek with whole hearts, fill our vessels with Your excellence.

Pouring from our inner man, a new language comes with conviction.

As living water comes forth, hearts fill with prophetic anticipation.


Come Holy Spirit, burn the chaff that holds us back from purity.

With the fire of the Spirit, You come with conviction that possesses.

Leaving sin behind, our mortal bodies quicken to walk in morality.

Not allowing sin to reign, we allow Your Spirit to have full access.

Showing hurtful ways that hold back, we’re free to acquiesce.


Come Holy Spirit, giving guidance as we walk in Your ways.

Leading in paths of righteousness, You lead to Your desires.

As Your Spirit leads to conformity, In Your image, we gaze.

Following, You lead away from the enemy’s tempting fires.

In You, we are greater than anything the enemy throws our way.


Come Holy Spirit, teach us in the ways of the Father, so fine.

In all that has been given, You reveal the Father’s heart of hearts.

Anointing teaching, You give all things relevant to life as we dine.

As teaching drops as dew, we yield to what the Spirit imparts.

Teaching us to number our days, we are given to Your purposes.


Come Holy Spirit, release Your gifts to encourage and strengthen.

Releasing healing and miracles, You come to heal all as Jesus did.

With the prophetic, You come to reveal the Father’s intention.

Releasing gifts of tongues, we speak mysteries in the Spirit.

With discernment of spirits, You reveal the enemy’s pretension.


We give thanks for Your Spirit who works in us the works of Jesus.

You are the One we give glory to for all that’s been given and done.



Written by Kenneth L. Birks

Featured Image by Keagan Henman 

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