Collective Member Highlight: Brie Gowen

“I’ve learned that if I’m sharing what God puts on my heart, then I’m good. The rest is simply window dressing.”

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Some writers strive to pen the next great American novel. Other writers try relentlessly to find their voice among blogging channels. Brie Gowen, on the other hand, writes because the Lord gave her the desire to do so.

The wife, mother, and registered nurse grew up loving to read and losing herself within worlds. But she knew soon enough that reading wasn’t the only thing in her calling. The Lord wanted her to craft some of her own.

This relationship with Christ healed me from years of pain and rejection caused by life,” she shares with the Kingdom Winds Crew. “When I found this healing I felt strongly compelled to share it with the world. There are so many hurting people who feel empty and lost in a cruel world.”

In that first year, Brie wrote a post every day out of obedience to the Lord. Even if she felt like there was nothing intriguing to write about, she shared something. And in the process, Gowen grew as a writer.

Since then, she has seen her articles go viral and travel across continents, but she’s also seen how criticism has crumpled her in rejection. Through it all, however, she’s seen how she’s able to trust in the Father’s heart.

“I’ve learned that if I’m sharing what God puts on my heart, then I’m good. The rest is simply window dressing.”

While she’ll write about everything from marriage to politics, Gowen has recognized that many of her most popular posts have been about nursing—a topic she writes about personally from years of professional experience. She likes having conversations with others, but as an introvert, finds it easier to articulate through words.

“I like to tell a story, have a conversation, and make the person reading my words feel like they are sitting down with a friend,” Gowen states. “In my writing, you’ll find a woman ‘keeping it real’ and sharing earnestly her struggles.”

To read some of Brie Gowen’s stories and to hear more about her heart for the Father, visit her Kingdom Winds page here.

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