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One day, he wrote a devotion to test his knowledge of what he was learning. To his surprise, the feedback was full of genuine gratitude.

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On a lunch break in 2002, during a difficult work transition, Antonwaun Johnson first put pen to paper. He began to fill journals, using writing as a way to release stress and express what was on his heart at various times. His thoughts turned into poetry, and eventually, his journal entries became devotionals that God asked him to share with others. 

It all started with his pure desire to go deeper into God’s Word. Antonwaun devoured the Bible early in the morning and whenever he could find extra time, trying to take in as much as possible. One day, he wrote a devotion to test his knowledge of what he was learning. He shared the words with a few co-workers, friends, and family. To his surprise, the feedback was full of genuine gratitude and a desire for more. 

Soon this collection of devotions that ministered to his friends was enough content to fill a book. Thus, Antonwaun’s debut book, Let It Marinate, was written and eventually published ten years later. Although many people encouraged Antonwaun to publish earlier, it wasn’t until he was laid off from his job that he finally pursued the process. What would normally be considered a terrible experience spurred him toward the thing God had been calling him to pursue. True to His nature, God is able to turn bad situations around for our good. In the words of Antonwuan Johnson, “let that marinate.” 

Quite possibly the most notable part of Antonwaun’s writing journey is the way God has used him even in the middle of his own storms. Through many difficult transitions, grief, and personal lows, Antonwuan continues to write. His devotions and ministry are proof that we do not have to have it “all together” to be used by God and impact others. 

To aspiring writers/authors, Antonwaun’s advice is to be ready at all times. “Carry a small notepad or use the notepad feature on a mobile device to capture thoughts as they come,” he suggests. Inspiration, or as in Antonwaun’s case, downloads from God, might come at random times. The thoughts that develop could result in a book at the most unexpected moment. “Enjoy and embrace the process,” Antonwaun encourages. All ten years he spent cultivating the content for his own book were well worth the finished product. 

Today, you can find Antonwaun Johnson either enjoying a good dance break (even though the zealous aspiration he once had of becoming a choreographer has now faded) or studying for his doctoral degree. This program pushes him to continue growing as a writer, a process that all creatives know is never entirely complete. But most importantly, his desire for the Word steadily increases, which leads one to think that Let It Marinate might just be the beginning for Antonwaun. 

If you find yourself desiring more of God’s Word or looking for wisdom to unlock your spiritual thinking, Let It Marinate will bless you. Find your copy in Antonwaun’s store at You can also read more of his written content by clicking here

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