Catherine Mullins Opens the Door to Her Secret Place

He is still good. He is still calming like the waves. What more of a reason do we need to be on the floor sending up offerings of worship?

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When I have sought a secure spot to be with the Lord, I’ve found myself on the floor of my closet. Every time. Though I would label myself as a claustrophobe—I hate tightly enclosed spaces—there’s something about a closet that is comforting and trustworthy much like Father God’s heart. I was instantly reminded of this fact the moment I encountered the music of Catherine Mullins, a worship leader with a deep intention to draw others closer to Him.

As soon as the first words of “All My Worship” left Mullins’s lips, I was transported into the holy of holies, no closet necessary. Her purity and passion immediately grasped my heartstrings, plucking them one by one. The more I found myself relating to her musical outcry, the more I wanted to join in worship with her. “And I will pour out my vial until all of me is on the floor” was one of the most impactful lines because it seems that no matter what life may look like or what it may be, I find myself pouring out everything to Him in either praise or sorrow. And He’s always there waiting to catch me.

More lines from the song fell over me like a gentle covering: “Your name is sweet like honey. Your voice, it sounds like the waters.” How unchanging the Lord is no matter what we go through! His name is still precious. He is still good. He is still calming like the waves. What more of a reason do we need to be on the floor sending up offerings of worship?

These overwhelming truths are reiterated in “Hero,” another powerful proclamation of God’s goodness and faithfulness to His children. Much like the picture of being poured out onto the floor in “All my Worship,” Mullins sings that everything is being given up and placed before Jesus. The zealous pursuer of God extends an invitation to Him to show up and be the superhero of the day every day. Over and over, she proclaims, “My Hero is coming to my rescue” and follows up with the knowledge that she is not forsaken but will be delivered.

If you visit her Instagram, you’ll meet a bright, smiling face full of warmth and love, but you’ll also see a warrior who’s ready to tear down walls of fear, doubt, and deception. Having grown up with parents in full-time ministry, it’s no wonder that Mullins is so in tune with the Holy Spirit. Since fall 2008, she has traveled to release the sound of the Kingdom through her strong vocals. In between traveling and conferences, in 2014, she settled into a loving marriage with David Robbins. As the years progress, Mullins continues to see hearts ignite for the Lord and discipleship form among believers. She has been an intricate part of The Ramp in Hamilton, Alabama under Karen Wheaton and currently serves on the faculty at The Ramp School as a worship leader and instructor.

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