Wanda Alger

The Church Will Be Dead or Alive

For those houses of God that have taken the time to dig deep and sanctify themselves, they will lead the way into this Kingdom Age. 

Dream: General Lee and Our Masonic Ties that Bind

I believe the core message of this dream is a wake-up call to the Church concerning the masonic vows made at a critical time in our nation’s history and the curses they continue to bring on our nation.

Moving Into this New Year Together

It’s important that we commend the grace that each carries and strive towards building each other up in love – as each part does its work!

My View on End-Times Theology

I believe we have entered a Kingdom Age where the knowledge of His glory is going to eventually cover the entire earth.

Who Can Interpret the Times?

A good starting point for interpreting revelation is to simply ask the “why.” Why was it sent? What is its purpose?

Leviathan’s Wiles

He’s stirring up mistrust amongst leaders and creating factions out of fiction.