Stephen Phifer

Worship: The River of Life

We have put praise and worship on the clock and we have lost the sense of tarrying, of waiting on the Lord. No wonder our strength is not often renewed.

Worship: Priests Unto the Lord

How transforming it would be if our worship leaders and rank and file worshipers would see themselves as priests unto the Lord, a Kingdom of Priests.

Beauty, Part Three

As Christians who believe that God created the heavens and the earth, we take from this conviction the idea that a standard of beauty exists in creation itself.

Beauty, Part Two

Worship is not something we do “for” the Lord as if we could somehow add to His glory.

Beauty, Part One

The theology of worship–its truth–comes down from heaven in His Living and Written Word. 

Jesus at the Center

It is time for congregations to venture forth up the heights of Mt. Zion to stand with clean hands and pure heart, lifting our hearts to God in the Holy Place.

Come (Back) Together!

A theological shift took place. The worship service became a ministry to the worshipers themselves and to seekers looking on.

Turning the Corner

Without this turn, we will find ourselves in a “worship land” where the tastes of the “worshipers” form the rules of conduct.

Pastors and Worship Leaders

If there is no personal spiritual relationship between the pastor and music pastor, there is little hope for a public display of God’s power on the platform.

Spiritual Songs

When the church has gathered to worship there are disciplines involved that do not exist in private prayer.