Stephen Phifer

A Craft Surrendered

Instead of being served by the marketplace, the worship leader can become the servant of the marketplace. 

The Folly of Force

When the human spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit of God, a reenactment of Eden takes place.

Meet At His Table

Why can’t we decide to once in a while, gather in one house and demonstrate our unity for the world to see? 

Crushing the Head of White Supremacy

Where groups of people are classified by their features, some identifiable group declares itself to be the leaders, the first among un-equals, and the injustices begin. 

John’s Gospel: Follow

Do not shrink back from the Jesus Story. It is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.

John’s Gospel: Breakfast

As they pulled for land, a figure waved to them from the beach. At that distance, they did not recognize the Lord.