Rose Ward

Don’t Sell Your Birthright

It’s super beneficial to know there is ALWAYS a way out, but it is also up to us to find the ways out that Jesus has already provided for us!

A Characteristic Jewel

God, in His perfection, is ACTIVELY PRESENT to all, always available with a listening ear, and, ready to help whoever reaches out to Him.


Each day we are given is another beautiful occasion as to which we can experience and understand the grace of God.

Unwrap Unavailability

The reasoning (basic causes, excuses) for not being present are not the problem, they are NOT to blame!

Don’t Auto-Lock on Fear

A certain amount of the right kind of fear is good; it is when it lingers that it starts to become a problem.  

Cling to Him

Let His peace wash over you, for it is like no other.

Seven Beautiful Words

If we can break free of the wrong kind of fear – we can be free to become who we are supposed to be.

Get on God’s Platform

Finding a daily routine that fits life can definitely feel like a theme park ride on the tallest and most dangerous roller coaster.