Rachel Anderson

The High Stakes Mom

Sometimes I think we forget that Jesus walked this same earth we live on, He lived our same struggles, and He understands.

The Voice

If I claim to have even the smallest of faith, then I should know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my God has me.

Claim It

It’s easy to find ourselves off-kilter when we only focus on feelings.

The Charge

The world offers no shortage of noise and to-do’s, and it can quickly become overwhelming.

Perfect Love

God loves you and me with a tenderness, kindness, and patience that we cannot fathom, it’s never-ending.


God might not be preparing you to be a king, but He sure is preparing you for the calling He has for you


Jesus needed quiet prayer time to connect with God. So do you.

A Life Plowed

At the moment it may feel like God is punishing or being unkind, but the opposite is true.

Truth Nuggets

Thankfully I have the tools to fight back, and standing firm in God’s truth is so crucial.

Dead Dreams

Whether His dreams for me are big or small makes no difference, because the path and purpose He has laid out for me far exceeds anything I could dream up.

Boldly Tired

So often we want the answers and a map of what’s to come, but God just wants us to pray, and walk boldly to where he has called.