Putty Putman

Three Aspects of Holy Spirit Training

Being in the presence of Jesus activated spiritual dynamics that the disciples present didn’t even identify as such until Jesus vanished and they began to connect the dots.

The Kingdom Will Come

Not only do we walk with a great hope for what is to come, but also a wonder that the glories to come are being sown in our present life now.

The Kingdom Has Come

In this glimpse of heaven, we see that the activity of heaven itself revolves around praise of the Lord for His majesty and His victory.

Technology and Our Souls

When technology begins to create its own world that replaces some aspect of the created order, we have problems.

Spirit-Empowered Preaching

I speak with many preachers who unfortunately haven’t cultivated preaching as a form of Holy Spirit ministry.

Filled Temples

If there are all kinds of different scales of temples (individuals, partnerships, small groups, large groups, and so on), then we probably ought to be looking for the Holy Spirit to fill up every scale of temple.

Why Should I Go Back to Church?

I might even go so far as to say that the presence indwelling the family is probably the single most important aspect of being a church.

Systems and Spirits

All of this suggests that the way the spirit realm indwells the human order is a nested reality.

Quantum Physics and the Supernatural

God is a reality that goes beyond the natural order and can reach into the natural order and in that intersection break the boundaries of natural laws and introduce new realities.

Depth and Leadership in This Moment

It seems to me that this is not a moment where leadership based on doing is wise: rather this is the moment where leadership based on being serves us far better.

Signal and Noise

We need to learn how to understand data if we want to use it well.