Mary Beth Pecora

The Power Of I AM

Remember the I AM is where God’s people get their strength and power.

The Gardner and the Vine

The word abide can be translated to hang in there. It also means to dwell, endure and even suffer.

Fully Usable

We must remember God’s call is for His people to possess the land.  This requires change and moving out–moving out of our comfort zone.

We are His

Unity is of utmost importance and priority.

He Gives A Command

Let the prophetic word be a confirmation of what God has already spoken to you about.  

Are We Hearing?

Honoring one another is of great importance in the eyes of the Lord.  

The Right Time

Jesus’s own family members were not supportive of His call and His purpose.  

Who Can Accept?

When disciples turn away and reject the Lord, we know who has tempted them to do so.

What Are We Feeding On?

Our mind will always believe everything we tell it.  Feed it faith.  Feed it Truth. Feed it love.