Mary Beth Pecora

Sometimes We Need Reassurance

In His spiritual maturity, and his forgiving heart, Joseph reassures them, reestablishing his relationship with them and accepts their heartfelt repentance.

Lay Hold of It

Repentance must precede the new birth in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Fully Usable

Why do we resist change when it’s what catapults us to new levels in our walk with the Lord and with one another?

Enduring Hardship

Nothing is too hard for the Lord to change be it a situation or a person’s heart.

Fully Assured

Prayer is the foundation that builds up and secures all that is being built for God.  

By Your Spirit

Man can only know God’s will with the Holy Spirit living inside.

Your Kingdom Come

Jesus came to restore the kingdom rulership of God on earth through mankind.

Let Us Be Assured

Full assurance of faith knows no hesitation in trusting in and following Jesus.  

The Starting Point

We can only operate in the authority and power of the Lord when Holy Spirit is upon us.