Mario Murillo

Peter on the Day After

Something to remember: ‘the new normal’ is always nothing other than the old abnormal, it is just disguised.

What are You Waiting For?

Pastors should not be looking at how their preaching might offend hypocrites. They should be looking to the fields.

It is a Reckoning

We are here to pull down strongholds. This is no soothing campaign of chicken soup for the soul. This is fire! This is a reckoning!

I Received a Major Healing

The most important thing Christ did in me, came while I was in the throes of the pain from hell that raged in my body.

The Message of the Hour

A growing number of Christians believe America is too far gone. At the same time, many say that a great awakening will save us.

The Black Pill

Exhausted from the disappointment of the fraud election, many have simply given up.