Kristina M Ward


It’s there, in the mess of mixing colors, that a masterpiece is made.

Illuminating the Dark

God brings my sin to the light so that I can be met with the full force of His grace, His love, and His mercies.

Hesitating To Share Your Story?

A part of me fell asleep…a part of me was stagnant…a part of me felt lost, but I couldn’t have told you what it was that was actually lost.

I’m Brave…Okay?

It was a statement and a question all wrapped in one; she believed she could do it, but doubted it all at the same time.

Struggling to Find Rest?

To enter the resting place of his presence requires me to turn from myself and to admit that I need him.

This Feels Hard

“I know this feels so hard, but you have a responsibility to do the work that you’ve been given to do today…don’t give up,” I told him.

A Simple Confession

My own self-reliance at work in its finest. An always simmering pot in the middle of the mundane.

When God Feels Distant

I see who I am in the light of His love and the reflection I see of myself in His gaze reminds me that, here, I am complete.

Learning to Play My Own Song

But something began to happen. The more I tried to play, the more my desire increased to hear the written melody flow smoothly through my fingers.