Kristina M Ward

When Insecurities Roar

Observing my daughter from a distance, a familiar chord struck me inside. My daughter was me.

A Listening Practice

It’s easy to make assumptions and allow our minds to create a narrative based on partial truths that we know about each other.

“Who Am I?”

When I entertain the ways I’m inadequate, I’m not believing God is who He says He is.

Twisting Grace

Without even trying, we take the knowledge God has granted to us and the good things he’s done in our lives and put ourselves smack dab in the center.

I’m Brave…Okay?

It was a statement and a question all wrapped in one; she believed she could do it, but doubted it all at the same time.

Learning to Play My Own Song

But something began to happen. The more I tried to play, the more my desire increased to hear the written melody flow smoothly through my fingers.