Kenneth Birks

Abiding in Christ

Bearing fruit is essential to Christian discipleship. A life well-lived is a more effective witness than words well said.

The Power of Obedience

The disobedient path looks good through our carnal eyes, but because we are looking through our carnality we fail to see the destructive influences that are on that path.

Staying In the Race

As we run this race there are many blessings, joys, and triumphs, but there are also many obstacles and hardships we must endure along the way.

Cultivating a Spirit of Newness

What kind of protective shields do we have around our hearts that need to be torn away to reveal our true condition before the Lord?

Lessons from the Beatitudes

Let’s keep in mind that this is God’s mountain that we are climbing, we can only reach the summit through His strength and following His way.

Putting Off the Old Nature

The connection between doctrine and duty is very important because in the end, we really behave as we truly believe.