Kay Jantzi

Called to Faith

We’re called to enter into a faith that’s abstract and yet so very concrete and solid!

In a Fog

The foggy places are those places where steps of faith are necessary for our survival.

Where’s Your Focus?

Does your old slavery and bondage to sin just seem more comfortable, easier, and safer than trusting God for deliverance?

Shalom – The Gift We Seek

If we know this one born to deliver the world from its sin, we know we’re in good hands in His safekeeping and as His divine prophetic plan unfolds before our eyes.

Your Miracle

Fear and worry are the enemy’s tactics to weaken and defeat us and right now.

A Still Small Voice

Remember the rainy days might come with a price but they also come with a purpose.

How Sweet is the Light

Yeah, in the dark, when the sun isn’t shining for the time, we must seek Him, find Him and follow Him!

Run Strong

Our great heroes of the faith shut the mouths of lions, squelched flames of fire and escaped the sword of death. What’s holding you back?


Peace takes our hands off the control and allows our Sovereign God to reign and manage and heal and repair.

All Gone Wrong Days

He is there for you even on the rainy days and the blue days, and the so gone-wrong days.

In Our Darkest Hour

He’s working with a powerful, sovereign hand to fix it all just the way He desires to fix it.

Finding Truth in Our Circumstances

We sit in our socially bankrupt states feeling very attacked and manipulated on all fronts with health threats, economic crisis and so many invading fears of the day.

Boot Camps of Life

We don’t often see clearly what is happening in the unseen world around us.

The Blessing of Holy Week

This journey would end in death but the ultimate irony ~ Victory over it! That’s always God’s way ~ Good out of bad!