Kathi Pelton

Oh, How He Loves Us

We are like those who are running through the streets, searching for the one we love.

A Divine Victory

Just as David was chosen, just as Esther was chosen, and just as Mary was chosen– so you have been chosen.

Get Ready For a Divine Rescue

God showed me that when there is peace and trust in Him it releases an atmosphere that is complete confusion to the enemy.

Nothing Is Wasted

You may feel as if your life is a series of events that are insignificant but God sees your life in a different way.

Beauty For Ashes

He had protected these embers and allowed them to be hidden for such a time as this.

Get Ready to Celebrate

Depression is breaking, sorrows are fleeing, hope is arising and life will come in the place of loss.

Mercy Over Judgement

Justice is for those who are undeserving of judgment and mercy for those who deserve judgment.

A Power Washing

The pressure is bringing many things to the surface so that his power can quickly remove them as they have been exposed.

The Pouring Plumb Line

The misalignment was merely causing the person to miss the fullness of what was being poured out.

New Garments are Ready

An overcoming spirit is coming upon his people who will rise in even greater authority and purity than before.