Jonathan Brenneman

The History of Tithing in Evangelicalism

A look at tithing in history should provide some serious food for thought to anybody who assumes that opposition to tithing is rooted in stinginess, half-hearted faith, or lack of Christian commitment.

If You Try To Save Your Life You Will Lose It!

When Christians are absorbed with preserving their own lives when our version of Christianity becomes only about receiving God`s blessings but not about participating in his love that leads us into suffering, that is when evil advances.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure!

Scripture says to “strive to excel” in spiritual gifts. How are we going to do that without ever missing it? 

Pressing into Supernatural Provision with Thanksgiving and Testimony delete

Of course, God’s provision is rich, much more than just pennies! But sometimes walking in great grace starts with recognizing the little miracles like metro tokens and quarters falling from thin air, and thanking God. In our last post, we shared about a paradigm for supernatural giving and supernatural provision which doesn’t include the legalism. […]

Devote Yourselves to Prayer

We often don’t realize until later what’s happening as we pray. Only later do we begin to understand what our prayers put into motion.

Why It Doesn’t Work to Say “In Jesus’s Name”

Did you ever see a great manifestation of God’s power or authority in Christ, and then try to imitate what you saw but end up disappointed? Or have you read Scriptural promises and tried to act on them, but it seemed like they “didn’t work?”

Do You Know God’s Favor Is On You?

Paul was kept in prison for a few years just because the government wasn’t doing its job and the governor wanted a bribe. He could have chosen to feel sorry for himself. But God’s favor was bringing him to share the gospel before governors and kings!

Can a Christian Have a Demon?

Jesus has given us all authority in order to plunder and trample over all Satan’s power. However, if we don’t recognize an attacker for what it is or even accept it as normal, we will not resist that invader. Instead, we’ll tolerate it.