John Myer

What Jesus Said About the Headlines

The more I see it, especially as modeled by the big boy pastors, the more pressure I feel to contribute my two cents to the ever-increasing pile of copper coins.

All the Know-How in the World

God solves our problem with righteousness, straightens out our holiness deficit, and will eventually bring us into glory.

All the Money in the World

When the Son of God finishes faithfully carrying out His Father’s business, He will melt all the riches of this world down to worthless slag.

All the Power in the World

Too many tyrants have fallen immediately to the ground at even a hint of receiving such a prize, kissing the devil’s feet, confessing his greatness, swearing allegiance to him. 

Hunting for Ugly

Once we “think about these things,” we’ll find them every time.

The Certainty of Change

When God gave His Word, He did so knowing our days would not be the same, or at least they wouldn’t be for very long.

Don’t Avoid; Unpack

Every evangelistic encounter, even those that don’t go well, has the long-term potential for salvation.

Behold, How Good!

As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, we must learn to regard people less in light of what they do or admit to doing, and more in light of what they suffer.

Why Listen?

Our marriage, kids, jobs, and more rest on something that seems invisible to the world, the wise word of the Shepherd. 

Buoyant Truth

When you state the facts, with thanksgiving, the feelings follow. 

What Do I Still Lack?

We unwittingly keep a death grip on our stuff, and yet nothing is so frail, so flimsy, than the things we call ours.

Life as a Vapor

Life not only harbors nothing new, but it also has a disturbing way of disappearing into irrelevance. 


Timing, therefore, is critical.  Remember God now.

Unpleasant Destinations

Preoccupation with riches, and the busyness it generates, can leave us in a vulnerable place of isolation.

Occupied with Joy

The secret to strength unto contentment and satisfaction is through Him, and in Him.

The Scriptures Invite

Sometimes Bible readers combing through the scriptures, think at the back of their minds, Wow, this is wonderful, but it’s not available to me, or anybody else.