Joe Joe Dawson

Breaking In

If you want to break into all God has for you, it is crucial for you to allow the Lord to direct every step you take and listen for His Spirit to lead and guide you.


The Lord wants to reignite the passion and fire of your first love in this season so that He can use you to impact others for the Kingdom of God.

Delays and Distractions

Shift your gaze to the Lord and let your faith rise as you remember and contend for every promise.

Losing Grip

I believe this is your season to break free and run towards freedom without looking back!

Harvest of Nations

Locusts are a significant prophetic picture of how the enemy operates because they are harmless unless they come in swarms.

Fully Awake

Never allow the enemy to convince you that the delay you are experiencing is because God is not hearing or seeing you.

Open Up the Sky

We are entering into a new 7-year cycle which will bring clarity, freedom, and fulfillment.


Whatever it is that God has called you to do, this is the time to go for it!

Gears and Dials

You are about to step into the perfect timing of the Lord in so many different areas, and you will accelerate with the Lord like never before.

Nazarites Arise

If you will turn from your compromise and throw off the shame of your past, God will renew the Nazarite anointing on your life!

Overdue Victories

If you will welcome the correction and pruning of the Lord, then you will live a fulfilled and fruitful life.

Crossover Season

God is more invested in our process than our promise because it is the process that prepares us for the promise.

The Grave

Now is the time to bury the past and move forward.

Set Up Anointing

God is more concerned with your foundation being secure than anything else because He knows that if your foundation is secure then you will be able to stand and withstand the test of time.

Confront to Conform

You will see God’s destiny and purpose for your life manifested when you confront those things that are holding you back in order to conform to the will of God for your life.


Expect the Lord to dethrone some things, eliminate distractions, and remove people from your life that are being influenced by the enemy.

The Curve

In this season, lean into the curve. Embrace the resistance and you will find yourself accelerating instead of slowing down.

The Axe

Many times the unfruitful things in our lives must die in order for the new to be able to spring forth and thrive.

The Balance

God knows exactly what you are going through, and in His perfect timing, He will make every wrong thing right.

Live Unafraid

This is your season to catch God’s vision for your life and run fearlessly after it.

Pendulum Swing

The enemy may have won a battle in your life but he has already lost the war!

Breaking Open

Remember the prophetic promises God has given to you and just keep standing.


You have a mission and assignment to complete for the Kingdom of God!