Joe Joe Dawson

3 Prophetic Words

The declarations and intercession of many generals in the faith for 1 billion souls to be swept into the Kingdom of God is about to happen before our eyes!

Sudden Stop

God is about to attack the thing that is wanting to attack you.

Interior Fire

God is looking for those who will carry, steward, and overflow with His fire inside of them.


Being in the proper position to flow with what God is doing is critical in this season.

A Counterfeit Roar

There are many gifted people who lack the humility and character it takes to truly serve in a local body of believers effectively.

Into The Promise

The Lord is doing exactly what He promised in Isaiah 61:3, “To give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning.

Prophetic Dream: Favor

Jesus is about to place favor on so many and whatever they have been doing in secret is about to be rewarded openly.

Switching Tables

In this season, I believe the Lord is about to unexpectedly promote those that have been obedient and humble to higher places.

The God Collide

In this hour, I believe God is looking for willing sons and daughters of God, full of His word and His spirit, to send forth into all realms of society to bring Heaven to earth.

Speed Up

This is an hour where we must each be in a position to manifest the power of God to see the lost saved and those in bondage set free.


Whenever we do not believe the prophetic words and promises God has spoken over our lives, we are opposing God’s will for our lives by holding onto doubt.

Sweeping of the Holy Spirit

This sweeping of the Holy Spirit will also move across America transforming it and realigning America with her prophetic destiny and the purpose God intended for this nation.

Rivers or Cobwebs

There are two types of churches in America today, there are cobweb churches and there are churches that are flowing in the river of God.

Turnaround Hurricane

When God starts to move in a situation, expect for even the most impossible situations to turn around for good.

The Coming ROAR

When the Kingdom of God is manifested, it is manifested to advance the plans of the Lord.

This Is Not What Is Happening

Do not shrink back in fear in this season! Advance forward in faith, knowing that God’s plans are still going to come to pass.

Impossible x 2

God was telling me that for us to accomplish the impossible then we must be strong-minded.