Joe Joe Dawson

Greater Is Coming

A greater understanding of the love of God will lead us into a greater expectation for what God will do in and through our lives!

Angels Waiting

Don’t wait on God in this season because God is waiting on you!

The Great Turnaround

The demonic influences that have ruled over America for decades will be overcome by the power of God manifesting through His people.

Expectation and Expansion

I want to encourage you to raise your expectation because your expansion is going to be greater than you have ever imagined!

New Season

In this season, more than ever before, it will be obvious who is walking closely with the Lord and who is not.

Look Up

This is not a season to get caught in the doom and gloom that appears to be looming in the natural.

Keys of Revelation

When God gives you revelation it is like a key that will unlock something for you or for others.

Recover All

Remind yourself of all of the prophetic words that you’ve been given over the year that have yet to come to pass.

Desert to Dessert

The extra and abundance you experience in this next season will be to bless others.

Explosive Overflow

We are about to see an explosive overflow of the life-giving spirit and power of God come bursting forth where things have been dry and barren.

August Thrive

I’m telling you, my friends, August is going to be a phenomenal month for Kingdom people.

Apostolic and Prophetic Eagles

The small pockets of God’s presence that have been cultivated by individuals and ministries will begin to spread like wildfire to impact the land.

3 Prophetic Words

The declarations and intercession of many generals in the faith for 1 billion souls to be swept into the Kingdom of God is about to happen before our eyes!

Sudden Stop

God is about to attack the thing that is wanting to attack you.

Interior Fire

God is looking for those who will carry, steward, and overflow with His fire inside of them.


Being in the proper position to flow with what God is doing is critical in this season.

A Counterfeit Roar

There are many gifted people who lack the humility and character it takes to truly serve in a local body of believers effectively.

Into The Promise

The Lord is doing exactly what He promised in Isaiah 61:3, “To give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning.