Joe Joe Dawson

Triumph Over Fear

Make it your priority to take everything to the Lord in prayer so that you are not overtaken by fear but instead are able to triumph over it!

Your Season of Advancement

God will never entrust us with anything until He knows we have the capacity, structure, and the right people around us to manage the overflow.


Often your areas of vulnerability and struggle are actually pointing out what God has called you to step into.

Mysteries of God

When you start to understand these 7 mysteries you will live a more complete, and fulfilled life aware of the kingdom and God.


God will bless and multiply your efforts but you must be creative in this season!

Favor and Faith

In this season, it is more important now than ever to tap into the prophetic voice of God, and then act on what we are hearing in faith.

Pivoting Point

This will be a year where you will pivot or shift into something new in order to combat delay and move forward in 2024!

Warfare Ending

I believe 2024 is going to be a year where the children of God will move forward in the power and authority of the Lord like never before. 

Separation Season

Will you be one that will leave all of the worldly things behind and give yourself fully to the Lord and His call for your life?


We must exercise our faith and believe that when we quote the word of God or declare a prophetic word over a situation, change will happen!

A Wall and Open Doors

The doors are about to open for you and then you will be unleashed into your breakthrough.

Two Dragons

Now is the time to strategically go after the areas where the enemy has tried to stop you!

Jezebel’s Authority Revoked

The spirit of Jezebel wants to take your sense of direction in order to keep you from getting where God has called you to go. 

Over the Top

Those who have refused to give up are about to come over the top of the uphill journey and break through into fulfillment and purpose. 


I believe there is a remnant that is not going to be scared, we will move into battle until we see revival and awakening in our land.

Do Not Tolerate

This is your season to blow past those traps and tricks the enemy has ensnared you in before.

Covered in Darkness

There is light at the end of the tunnel and if you will stay the course, your most powerful season is straight ahead!

Stairs and Directions

God is looking for those who will take the direction He has called them in instead of going in the direction they think they should.

Confidence in Me

Those that will step into breakthrough are the ones who will put all their hope, faith, and confidence in Him.

Surrender It All

Every person has that one thing that is holding them back from moving forward.

Above the Storm

Get above the storm, above the noise, and into the heavenly places with God so you can go from victory to victory!


In this season, God wants to formally put an end to the number one thing plaguing your life.

New Chapter

Position yourself for what is next and prepare to launch into the new and unfamiliar with Him.

Fresh Oil

When you outlast the warfare, that fresh anointing comes upon you for your next season and assignment.


Don’t allow unforgiveness, fear, insecurity, doubt, or anything else keep you from what God has for you!

Season of Greater

Get ready to use every single thing the Lord has made available to you and expect to get maximum results.

Prophets Arise

God wants to raise up those that will bring a prophetic edge and anointing into everything they do.


Many get stuck waiting on God when He is actually waiting on them.

Easier and Faster

Stay close to Him and let your character always rise to meet your promise.

Building Blocks

God is always building, always working, and always doing more behind the scenes than we can see or expect. 

Cargo Ships

Your cargo ship of help and provision is on the way!

Contend For It

One of the areas where we must always contend is for that daily secret place time with God.

Missed Step

If you are going to do great exploits for God, you must have the tenacity, grit, and perseverance to keep moving forward. 

Turnaround Season

No matter how hopeless or desperate the situation may seem, you are about to see your turnaround.


Keep praying and believing for those things God has promised you, and don’t let up one bit.

2023 Prophetic Update

The building anointing is about to come upon many in this season to strategically build for the Kingdom of God.

Cloud Has Lifted

This cloud of witchcraft has lifted, and the atmosphere over your life is now one of breakthrough instead of opposition.


God is looking for those that are hungry for His wisdom and knowledge in this season so they can be brought into that greater maturity in the spirit.

Glory and Kingdom

Be one that is set apart and open the Spirit of God in this hour and get ready for God to reveal His glory and bring forth His Kingdom!

Open Heaven

God desires for you to encounter His presence and power so that you can go forth and carry His glory any and everywhere you may go.

Confidence in the Spirit

Am I focusing on what God has told me to focus on, or am I distracted by what is happening in the natural?

The One That Remains

The true test of this season is will we be found faithful in the sight of God so that He can show Himself strong on our behalf.

While You Wait

Get your empty vessels ready, and watch God pour out more than you could have ever imagined. 

Know Him, No Limits

The greatest joy and satisfaction you will experience in this life is to throw everything you have into what God has called you to do.


This is your time the things that have seemed as if they would overtake you are about to go down the drain.

Drive On

God is looking for those in this season who will drive on in obedience leaving the former things in the past.

Consecration to Concentration

In this season, God will use those who have consecrated their minds and concentrated their thoughts on the heavenly realm, not what may be going on in the natural.


God not only wants to unlock things for you in this season, but He also wants to use you to unlock things for others.

Fiery Ones

God will raise up fiery ones, Nazarites, consecrated ones to bring change, to bring reset, and to turn people back to God.

2023 Shaking

Don’t let warfare or shaking cause you to shrink back.

Stepping In

It’s time for you to step into what God has for you!

Faith vs Fear

The Lord wants you to believe what He says above anything you may see with your natural eyes.


The Lord is aligning people and perfectly positioning them so that they can step into their Kingdom assignment in the new year.


You are about to see exactly what God has for you and begin to walk in the fullness of your calling. 

Breaking In

If you want to break into all God has for you, it is crucial for you to allow the Lord to direct every step you take and listen for His Spirit to lead and guide you.


The Lord wants to reignite the passion and fire of your first love in this season so that He can use you to impact others for the Kingdom of God.

Delays and Distractions

Shift your gaze to the Lord and let your faith rise as you remember and contend for every promise.

Losing Grip

I believe this is your season to break free and run towards freedom without looking back!

Harvest of Nations

Locusts are a significant prophetic picture of how the enemy operates because they are harmless unless they come in swarms.

Fully Awake

Never allow the enemy to convince you that the delay you are experiencing is because God is not hearing or seeing you.

Open Up the Sky

We are entering into a new 7-year cycle which will bring clarity, freedom, and fulfillment.


Whatever it is that God has called you to do, this is the time to go for it!

Gears and Dials

You are about to step into the perfect timing of the Lord in so many different areas, and you will accelerate with the Lord like never before.

Nazarites Arise

If you will turn from your compromise and throw off the shame of your past, God will renew the Nazarite anointing on your life!

Overdue Victories

If you will welcome the correction and pruning of the Lord, then you will live a fulfilled and fruitful life.

Crossover Season

God is more invested in our process than our promise because it is the process that prepares us for the promise.

The Grave

Now is the time to bury the past and move forward.

Set Up Anointing

God is more concerned with your foundation being secure than anything else because He knows that if your foundation is secure then you will be able to stand and withstand the test of time.

Confront to Conform

You will see God’s destiny and purpose for your life manifested when you confront those things that are holding you back in order to conform to the will of God for your life.


Expect the Lord to dethrone some things, eliminate distractions, and remove people from your life that are being influenced by the enemy.

The Curve

In this season, lean into the curve. Embrace the resistance and you will find yourself accelerating instead of slowing down.

The Axe

Many times the unfruitful things in our lives must die in order for the new to be able to spring forth and thrive.

The Balance

God knows exactly what you are going through, and in His perfect timing, He will make every wrong thing right.

Live Unafraid

This is your season to catch God’s vision for your life and run fearlessly after it.

Pendulum Swing

The enemy may have won a battle in your life but he has already lost the war!

Breaking Open

Remember the prophetic promises God has given to you and just keep standing.


You have a mission and assignment to complete for the Kingdom of God!


Shame is like a pair of tinted glasses that will color everything we see and do.

Kingdom Triumphs

The trumpet sounds of victory are about to ring out on your behalf!

Underground Waves

There’s about to be a wave of God’s Spirit that will crash on the shores of society, culture, and the nations, and when these waves surface you will see the shift.

God’s Comment

The Lord is going to comment on a lot of things in this season and His comment will have an exclamation point put at the end of it.

Battering Ram Prayer

Continue to stand in your authority in Christ, and make declarations and decrees no matter what it looks like in the natural.


The power of God can overtake any infirmity, illness, demonic force, scheme of the enemy, and any situation or circumstance.

Rescheduling Assignments

God is rerouting and circling many back around to get them into the right place, position, and into the perfect timing of the Lord.

Damage Control

God will not leave you marred or broken because He has a mighty call, a plan, and a purpose for your life.

Position and Placement

Allow the Lord to highlight those areas where you need adjustment and watch everything shift into its proper place in your life.


I want to encourage you today to pick up dead dreams and aspirations and go back after them!

The King and His Army

Whenever we are actively doing things for the Kingdom of God we are engaging in a spiritual battle.

Prophetic Solutions

Many people are looking for an answer in this season because they are about to make a big decision.

Wait On God

Be like Peter who was eager and willing to step out of the boat to follow Jesus.