Joe Joe Dawson

God’s Comment

The Lord is going to comment on a lot of things in this season and His comment will have an exclamation point put at the end of it.

Battering Ram Prayer

Continue to stand in your authority in Christ, and make declarations and decrees no matter what it looks like in the natural.


The power of God can overtake any infirmity, illness, demonic force, scheme of the enemy, and any situation or circumstance.

Rescheduling Assignments

God is rerouting and circling many back around to get them into the right place, position, and into the perfect timing of the Lord.

Damage Control

God will not leave you marred or broken because He has a mighty call, a plan, and a purpose for your life.

Position and Placement

Allow the Lord to highlight those areas where you need adjustment and watch everything shift into its proper place in your life.


I want to encourage you today to pick up dead dreams and aspirations and go back after them!

The King and His Army

Whenever we are actively doing things for the Kingdom of God we are engaging in a spiritual battle.

Prophetic Solutions

Many people are looking for an answer in this season because they are about to make a big decision.

Wait On God

Be like Peter who was eager and willing to step out of the boat to follow Jesus.

All at Once

I believe that so many are about to experience an all at once kind of breakthrough.

Settle and Build

God is looking for those that will strategically build with Him and be pioneers for the Kingdom of God in this hour.

Coming Up For Breakthrough

In this season, know that you can always look to the Lord and call to Him and He will get you out of the depths and to your breakthrough.

God’s Gavel

Take this season to really humble yourself before the Lord and ask Him to show you any areas of your life where the enemy may have a foothold.

The Great Separating

We must allow the Lord in this season to shift our mindsets and allow the Lord to shift us into the new.

Saturate to Satisfy

I want to encourage you, to go full throttle after the things of God in this season.

Foundation Year

Will you allow the Lord to do a deep work in you this year to secure your foundation?


When I stopped trying to figure things out on my own and quit trying to make things work in my own strength, I found myself flowing with the Holy Spirit like never before.


God is looking for people who will be found in the place of prayer.


Bring to your memory everything that God has done and raise your expectations to see Him do so much more in the upcoming season!


When we are faithful to cultivate and steward well the areas God is highlighting to us then God will pour out His favor and blessing in our lives.

Think Like I Think

In order to think the way that God thinks you may have to unlearn things, you have been taught that are actually not of the Kingdom.