Jo Ellen Stevens

Arise and Shine

Arise and use the gifts that you have been given to dispel the darkness!

Time to Look Up

All things are beginning to shift on the earth toward Kingdom Living — but this is a Warfare that My People must do.

Jesus Revealed in You

Watch what I will do as you step out in Love and with the Grace that is afforded to you!

A Sunday Suddenly

I AM the God Who breathes life on the dead things and the God Who alone will restore all things in a moment!

Drop Your Bag

All you are hanging onto that has slowed you down in the last season must be dropped at the crossing!

Stay In Your Lane

Focus on My plan and hone the gifts and talents that I have given you.


I am about to show the world that I am God!

Clearer Vision

Get ready for much clarity in your dreams and revelations for new marching orders.

When My Vow Became a God

Many of God’s people in tough situations in their lives have become perfectionists and many other things because they vowed a vow that was not of Him.