Jennifer Howard

Willing to Forgive

So, in the same way, we are called to keep gathering good thoughts which lead to good actions, which leads to the willingness to believe, serve, love, and forgive.

I Am Resolved

Like the star that led the wise ones from the east to seek the Christ Child, a light bulb went off in my head. 

The Weaving of Healing

A few months ago, I took another beginner’s knitting class. It brought me so much peace. 

Searching for God

We can trust the seasons of suffering to Christ’s great purpose in our lives: to identify with and become more like him.

Tending the Garden of My Soul

I remember pulling and imagining my worry being replaced with peace, my fear being replaced with courage, my doubt with trust, and my anger with self-control.

Eden, Eve, and Eternity

Start focusing on giving gratitude to God for what you have and not what you perceive to be missing.

Becoming Content

Paul lived courageously from his heart, from the core of his being, the center of all his thoughts, feelings, and passions.


The things He allows to become ash are resurrected with a new life and a transforming nature.


He reminded me I will have seasons of growth and seasons of reflection.

I Am Resolved

If we are followers of Christ and true believers, we don’t need resolutions. All we need to do is follow Him.