James Spencer

Discerning and Discipleship

Our commitment to an academic discipline can be a bane and a blessing as the boundaries of our deep expertise can create the illusion that we know more than we actually do.

Influences on Discipleship

As Christians, we are to immerse ourselves in the scriptures and in the life of the church so that we learn to resist the ideas and practices that might hinder us from becoming faithful disciples.

Discipleship Against Ideology

For obedience to be our strategy, we don’t pick and choose when to listen to Christ and when to chart our own course.

There’s No Recipe for Life…and That’s a Good Thing

One of my favorite cooking shows is Chopped. Four contestants, usually highly trained chefs, are given a “mystery basket” filled with odd ingredients to make an appetizer, main course, and dessert. If the mystery basket is filled with gummy worms, jerky, pita bread, and pretzel sticks, the contestants have to head to the pantry and make […]

Becoming Useful to God

Through his work and the Moody Center, James Spencer recognized the character of D.L. Moody as a man who followed Christ.

Willing and Able to Speak for Christ

If Christians only point fingers or advocate for one political solution or another, will we not miss opportunities to point the lost to the cross of Christ?

Finding Peace in Advent

What might it look like to clear our minds of the many pseudo-obligations of the holiday season so that we can enjoy being in God’s presence?

Pray the Scriptures

The study of God’s word and theology has always come more naturally to me than prayer.