Jaime Luce

Where is Real Peace Found

The knowledge of Jesus gives us access to His great power by the Holy Spirit for “all things” that deal with life and righteous living.

Longing Desire

More of Jesus is all that is necessary, and nothing less will do.

Keep Digging!

If you want to be blessed, you need wells, but know that there will be attacks from the enemy to rob you of your wells.


Ignore the “false evidence” that the devil is waving at you with an “It is written.”

The Danger of a Church Without Salt

Instead of teaching the whole truth with conviction, we left out all the “how to live a Biblically holy life” parts because we didn’t want people to feel judged.

Do the Hard Thing!

Men won’t always understand. That’s because God didn’t speak that to them.

Are You Satisfied?

I challenge you to make sure that you do the things that give life and strengthen you for your journey.

It’s a Set Up

When trapped between the sea and an enemy, don’t be intimidated. God will hatch a plan.