Greg Doles

An Explainable World

And here’s the crux of the problem – we want an explainable world so we can place our faith in our own understanding.

An Explainable You

Our culture has already assigned to you a social demographic profile that it expects you to live up to.

A Quixotic Moment

Everything about God’s creation is purposeful, ever drawing us back to him.

Between Sorrow and Joy

A fully dimensional life requires a far wider emotional bandwidth than most of us are willing to maintain.

Between Guilt and Shame

You know full well the naked truth of who you actually are, beneath the camouflage of your pretense and postured self-presentation.

Between Sorrow and Joy

A fully dimensional life requires a far wider emotional bandwidth than most of us are willing to maintain.

All Other Ground

Ultimately, we are creatures of desire, who by design, are meant to desire God above all else.

Between Knowing and Doing

I would argue that the way we define ourselves is the cultivated soil best suited for germinating our desires.

Between Fear and Faith

Fear is arguably the most conspicuous impediment to faith — for it can quickly imagine every obstacle and scenario of calamity associated with every choice we make.

Embracing the Burden

It is the life that is turned outward, to the needs of others, that often becomes the life with a more fully-formed perspective.

Modus Operandi

It is the fatal flaw of modernity to believe that placing mind over emotion will ever result in anything, other than a self-affirming conclusion – as if the wrangling of the human will into submission were an academic puzzle to be solved.

Stuck Up A Tree

So what had once seemed like a simple matter of common sense to him had become a life of dread and regret.

Speaking With Your Own Voice

When our convictions aren’t any more substantive than bumper sticker platitudes and memes – they’re just a poor substitute for real convictions.

Lazarus At Your Gate

Loving our family members may, or may not, be filled with obstacles and land mines – but it still remains the most conspicuous place to begin.

Out of the Corner of My Eye

When I look directly at Christmas, I find a storehouse of memories and touchstones, an intertwining of personal experiences with my faith traditions — and over the years there is a discernable cumulative effect.

As If the Only One

Embedded within our primal desire to be known and loved, is our desire to belong and to matter.

Being Good

Is this not the very dilemma we created for ourselves in the garden – believing we could figure out for ourselves, what to deem good and bad?

A Different Drummer

For the creative mind, the social norms, which for most people, end up being either followed or challenged – are mostly ignored.

Using Your Inside Voice

You can always spot the person on social media who never quite learned to speak with their inside voice.

The Lie of Self-Existence

If you believe that God exists and that everything exists in him, then you know your own existence to be inextricably contingent upon God’s existence.