Greg Doles

The Chains We Revere

The men of Judah had already made peace with their chains, and they had no real interest in the freedom of God’s redemption that Samson represented.

The Vagabond Poet

Jesus appears, entering a world of established cultural norms and religious conformity, where he begins to disassemble the conventional paradigm of his day.

More Real

What if there were a more primal longing within us,  capable of reconciling what is with what ought to be – something that wasn’t merely real . . . but was actually more real?

Religion Goes Off the Rails

Each belief system relies on its own religious methodology in making its claim on what is true . . . even when feigning to be non-religious.

What Do We Mean By Rational? (4 of 4)

The most common false assumption about rationality is that it’s somehow self-evident – as if we all share the same cognitive reference point, in regards to how life makes sense.

What Do We Mean By Equality? (3 of 4)

It’s important that we recognize that equality isn’t really about having everyone declared the same . . . but rather, whether or not we recognize everyone as having an immutable baseline of dignity and worth.

When Ministry Bogs Down

God foreknows all the potential entrapments of life, the upside-down situations, the apparent unnecessary and unrelated events.

A Political Apocalypse

This is clearly a political apocalypse, as we watch the mask of pretense fall, revealing the sinister intent of those seeking to control our cultural narrative.

The Ultimate Power

The irony is, even though we identify with the powerless long-shot underdog – what we really want to be is the powerful one.

I Fell Asleep

I have been awakened by the power of the Resurrection . . . awakened to live a life devoted to the way of Christ. So yea — I’m woke, won’t you join me?

The Way Sleep Finds Me

The wise are always capable of distinguishing between what can be changed and what cannot . . . and never confuses the two.

Claiming to Be Wise

Wisdom is able to foster discernment and insight – providing the context for our perception to take shape.

Beautiful Feet

This, on many levels, is how we usually experience life – hoping to fend off the relentlessness of the bad with the impermanence of the good.

The Sisyphus Stone

The idea that we can simply invent our own meaning and purpose out of thin air is the very lie Adam and Eve fell for in the garden.

Weaponized Morality

So this is where we find ourselves, having crossed the post-Christian cultural tipping point, where our transcendent appreciation of morality is being dragged off to the edge of town, to be thrown on the trash heap.

A Theory of Everything

What thread could I pull through all the disparate parts of me that always seem to get lost in the cognitive white noise of my own self-serving explanation of who I am?

Giving Yourself Away

Because we were made in his image, by design our existence can only find its true orientation when we are in harmony with him.

The Intimacy of Music

Music is able to circumvent our usual cognitive filters so that we might know things in ways our intellect is incapable of explaining.