Erin Olson

Close Encounters of the Best Kind

People wonder why they struggle with temptation? I think it is because they are not seeking to encounter the presence of God enough in their life.

Holy, Healthy Habits

What if we took this year to seek God and ask Him to flush out what we don’t need so that we can fill that space in us with more of the Holy Spirit?

Love One Another

We hold the lost and unconverted to a biblical standard they know nothing about while at the same time violating the biblical standard we should know all about.

Reaching the Middle

The Pharisees bowed up against Jesus because of their pride, and their rebellion was their demise.

Don’t Act Like a Chicken

My chickens don’t care if they hurt the other chicken’s hearts because all they are concerned with is being at the top of the pecking order.

Intoxicated Church

What if the Church radically gave every dollar it would have spent on alcohol over the seven-day period toward missions, orphans, widows, or addiction ministries?

Solemnly Gather

Let us be the generation that is marked by a dependence upon the Lord like no other generation in history.

The Poison of Unforgiveness

We have bottled up anger, resentment, and hatred that is not bearing good fruit and is definitely not the legacy we should be looking to pass down to future generations.

Are You Soaking?

How awesome would it be if I could be so immersed in God’s Word that when you squeeze me, all that comes out is Him?

Spiritual Health Checkup

If we are good about getting physical checkups, maybe we should also be good about conducting spiritual health checkups.

The Holy Spirit is Waiting

The Church has an incredible opportunity during this pandemic, but it can’t be done without the power of the Holy Spirit.