Dr. Paula McDonald

Stir the Water

During these times in our world of God’s truths being twisted, canceled, and destroyed, it is time for ALL believers to stand up and speak out.

Where’s Your Voice?

It is time to no longer remain silent. We must be determined to stand up and stand together and say, “enough!”

How Full is Your Tank?

When your life tank is empty and you can’t see a way out, remember to have faith that Jesus is with us no matter what. 

You are Beloved

The word BELOVED simply jumped off of that page and seared into my brain.

Healing Bath Recipe

I believe with all of my heart that God provides all that we need for complete wellness right here on earth.

The Message in the Fire Bomb!

When the gas company came out, the man said to me, “Ma’am, are you telling me that you were right next to that stovetop when it blew?”

Cultivate Your Soil

What must be broken down and removed in order to do the work God has called us to embark upon?