Dionna Sanchez

When the Praises Stop

I don’t want my praises of thanks to stop when God answers one of my prayer requests.

Keep Dreaming

If I find that some dreams are not working out or are not possible at this stage of my life – then I look for new ones.

Feeling Whole Again

Every time He brings about that rescue I’ve coveted, that answer I’ve cried for, or that undeserving pardon – I’m reminded of who I’m dealing with.

Make a Move

We can make a change. We just need to make a move.

Getting Sloppy In Marriage

Comfort is good on a lot of levels – but it also can be sloppy and inconsiderate if we’re not careful. 

What We Miss

I understand the need and desire to use our time wisely. But I also realize that we are losing time constantly. 

We Only Have Today

No amount of reliving the past, or hoping we’d done things differently will change today.

Feeling Useful

There is something so beneficial that happens when we pour ourselves out and minister to other people.