Diane Anil

The Birthing Room

These babies have been forged in the fire, and they were dripping with the anointing of Heaven!

Build Your Sanctuary

The Father is inviting the body of Christ to build a sanctuary, a holy place of deep intimacy, an altar of worship, and pure surrender.

Personal Declaration

I believe the Father is looking for those who have been cowering to stand boldly and take back their COURAGE!

Sweet September

What has felt like a slow death to your soul is shifting to a source of life and Heaven’s flow! 

Crossing Over

There is an invitation to consecrate yourself as we wait and prepare for the crossing over in August.

Craving Approval

When our desire for approval is fulfilled in Jesus, we rid ourselves of unhealthy behaviors of people-pleasing or attention-seeking.

Will You Let the Light In?

The shackles really came off when I began to share my story to be told amongst others and allowed others to love me.

What are You Thirsty For?

Are you willing to surrender everything that doesn’t look and sound like or resemble His divine nature?

The Wilderness

When you find yourself in the wilderness, I encourage you to lean into the land marked by His faithfulness.

Marvelous May

Mighty ones, take back your song, release your new sound, it is time to celebrate the marvelous wonders of our God.


Oh triggers, let me introduce you to King JESUS. He reigns far above it all.

Rest and Release

I heard the spirit of God say, “Watch it RAIN.” I saw a torrential downpour of rain, which was fiercely removing the debris of last season and bringing a rapid increase of blessings and abundance.

April’s Assignment is Alignment

Do not worry about this invitation being a stop or a loss of time/opportunity, it is a pause to enter His flow, His favor, and His rest.

March In March Out

This is an invitation to bring purity to every part of our heart that does not look like Him.