Delaina Cischke

Inside the Fire

When trials come, and we feel pressured to give in or are afraid, we can have the hope that Jesus is with us.

Be the Cork

What God intended was for each of us to use the resources and gifts we have been given to influence and show God’s goodness to those around us.

At an Impasse

As long as you’re aligned with Jesus, there are times that allowing another to walk over you at an impasse may be more beneficial than harmful.

The Healing Tree

Today, go for a walk, find a tree and find healing, rest, and maybe even some rejuvenation.

The Finish Line

God sees the entire picture of the entire course ahead of us and knows the best way to navigate us through.

On the Dot

When we color outside the lines, follow a path off the marked path or write off the dotted line we can find ourselves in a place we may not feel safe or in control.

Brush Fires

When we are in communication with Him, He allows us to see how we can be rescued from our circumstances.

Fly Like the Eagles

When we feel ourselves falling out of the air He has promised, “My grace is enough for you.