Debbie Fickess

The Ark of Jesus

In the midst of the mess, He found Noah a man who was righteous and true. God said, “I’ll save you and your family, but there is something I need you to do.


If we don’t rise up in our might— like Gideon we will surely slip into fatal paralysis!

2020 In a Nutshell

Truth is about to rise up to its feet- No longer trampled down on the street

Digging Out Wells

Now is the time to clean out the church well!!  Once again, God, with permission, will do an invasive work in the heart of the church. 

We are Pounding On the Door, Lord!

Oh God, we have been there before, Knocking gently on heaven’s door—But now we’re in desperation and despair. Please look out again and find us there!

An Ode to Covid-19

A demonic, evil, hellish concoction Has been released upon the earth Its source is a reason for conjecture We’re fighting it for all that we’re worth! Mitigation is a new word we have learned And it has changed the way we live We no longer have freedom to move about Or a handshake or hug […]