David Ruybalid

By His Wounds

What if we have rooted our view of the atonement in a view of God that has been destructive and not the God that we see revealed in Christ?

Learning From Mary: An Advent Post

Romans 8 tells us that creation “waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed” so that creation can be released from the bondage of decay.

Burned Out on Religion

Our biggest struggle with obedience is that we obey to prove we are worthy of a relationship, blessing, and the identity of being called God’s child.

When Someone Has Questions

In a system where faith is primarily about systems of rules and beliefs, our beliefs seem to come with an all-or-nothing caveat.

The Meaning of Holiness

We become holy, not so that we can primarily behave better but so that we can bless the world in the name of Jesus.