Dave Maynard

How Do You Live Your Life

At first, I felt like a hypocrite praising God when I didn’t feel like it. But that was just my emotions having a temper tantrum.

A Life Redeemed

He was devastated. He had built his life around their relationship and it had collapsed.

Astrology: Is Your Future in the Stars?

Ancient astrologers were educated men that Kings employed. They were scientists, government officials, astrologers (in the modern sense), and emissaries of Kings.

Rest and Relaxation

The physiological changes that occur during relaxation are just the opposite of what happens when we’re stressed.

The Second Thanksgiving

The first course of that 2nd Thanksgiving….on an empty plate in front of each guest was 5 kernels of corn…lest anyone should forget.


Who but God could so miraculously weave together the lives of a lonely Indian and a struggling band of Englishmen?

His Mysterious Ways

The Mayflower’s crew were roughneck sailors and weren’t the least bit interested in these ‘quiet religious’ folks or their children.

The Scholar

One by one, the obstacles to faith seemed to fall like dominoes.

Who Do You Think Jesus Is?

Jesus of Nazareth has been the dominant figure in the history of Western culture for almost twenty centuries.

A Newspaper Reporter

He realized that it took more faith to remain in his atheism than to become a believer.

Would You Die for Christ?

“Look (pointing to the sky), doesn’t anyone see them? spirits hovering with golden crowns over these men’s heads, holding out rich robes for them.”