Daniel Pontious

Light is Arising Like Lightning!

For as we have been commissioned to be the light of the world, so shall this dynamic increase upon those who have their face in His face.

Cancel Culture is Canceled!

While the enemy is attempting to undermine the truth, God has been creating a deep hunger in this generation for the truth!

The Anchor Holds!

People’s opinions, ideas, and wisdom seldom prevail in dealing with your situation and almost always cause you to shipwreck your faith in the process. 

A Diamond in the Rough!

While the world looked at you and only saw a worthless lump of coal, Jesus Christ looked at you and saw the potential in you to become something so much more.

Jesus is in Your Boat!

God doesn’t just want us to be overcomers in our situations, but to give us dominion and complete lordship over them.

Realizing Your Dream!

If you’re willing to trust Him for the directions and the outcome then get ready for the ride of your life!

The Church Party

The Lord is desiring to bring great things to your times of fellowship with each other.

Wrestling With the Truth!

How many out there are attempting to gain in the Revelatory Knowledge area (The Tree of Knowledge) apart from having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (the Tree of Life)? 

The Train is Coming

Those who are in Covenant with Me are about to experience a realm of My Glory that they have never experienced before.