Daniel Pontious

Awake O Sleeper!

Only when the Bride is Fully Awake will we see her taking dominion in the earth like the earth has been anticipating.

The Rise of the Overcomers

Don’t give up or give in, because of the pressures around you, He that is in you is greater than He that’s in the world around you!

Holy Spirit at the Helm

Divine appointments are placed all over in your future, in front of you, only the Holy Spirit can navigate a course to steer your ship right into each of them!

Fresh Water or Sea Water

The fresh waters of the Word carry the life of God Himself upon them and impart His life in the same way.

A Tidal Wave of His Glory

Many shall hear the truth being revealed through this next wave and their lives will be permanently altered by the Lord.

Stay in Alignment!

Father wants to put you into the proper place in the Body, where you not only fit but where you will be completely fulfilled in His presence.

The Search for Substance!

Faith has God’s creative power and life attached to its very core and the more that we engage with it the more powerful those manifestations in the natural will become.

Settling for Less than the Promise!

While I too often get tired of waiting, I have determined in my own life not to settle for anything less than the fullness of what God has shown me!

The Shutting of Old Doors!

The enemy would like nothing better than to have your past continue to dictate the trajectory of your future!

Engaging with Heaven!

The more I have engaged with the leading of the Holy Spirit by faith, the more I have experienced Heaven manifesting in substance.

The Golden Wick Trimmers!

Many of these Smoldering Wicks of the Wicked are smoldering because (in their Perceptions) God has let them down.

Are You Sowing In Tears?

As I continued to watch, he began catching all of her tears in the container as they fell from her eyes.

The Power of One Word!

The Holy Spirit can take one Scripture out of the written Word and energize it into the spoken Word by His power, which brings transformation to someone’s life.