Daniel Pontious

From a Candle to a Lighthouse

If we are to become what God wants us to become, it will only come from unprecedented levels of self-sacrifice and transparency.

From Your Head to Your Heart

What is in the heart comes from our personal perceptions of the world around us and what we believe to be true about ourselves and others.

The Power of a Praying Mom

Know that there is a Promise from God for your family line, if you’ll only surrender your jurisdiction of them over to Him.

The Master Blacksmith

We become the Blade of His Spirit as His Word sharpens us and hones our abilities for war.

Holy Ground

He called you so that He could Supercharge your life with His!

Where Did My Healing Go?

In the economy of Heaven no sickness, no disease, no infirmity, or any demonically inspired thing is allowed.

A Time For Declaration

Forward movement, with Declaration, after Prayer is often necessary if we are to see God move on our behalf.

The Shaking of All Foundations

Many things you thought were setbacks are becoming catalysts to propel you upward and forward as you surrender them to the Lord.

Many Need a Word of Wisdom

If there was ever a generation that walked this earth that was in desperate need of Wisdom from God it’s this one!


It’s time that we became fully Ablaze burning with the Power of the Holy Spirit serving the Lord.

The Dripping of the Honey

The religious spirit will always want to restrict your access to the Supernatural Revelation that can only come from the Presence of God.

The Search for Agreement

He has come to set you free, but only you can decide to be free or not, no one else can make that decision for you.

God’s Rod

You were destined to be an instrument of His Authority and Power in the earth, by the working of the Holy Spirit within you.

What If God Says No

Wise counsel from those around you who are mature in the Lord, can often prevent you from making critical mistakes.

The Timing of His Word

God isn’t going to let you miss it as long as you stay connected to Him and continue to move in obedience to the sound of His Voice.

The Tears of Lady Liberty

Real identity and real Liberty come when we know Who Jesus Christ is, and when we come to a real understanding of Who we are in Him.

Supernatural and Divine Connections

God is constantly at work within you to bring you to a place of maturity in hearing His Voice and stepping out in what He’s put in your path.

Restoring Personal Identity Theft

The Holy Spirit is going to release revelation knowledge to many of the members of His Body about what they really have been given by God.

Unity of the Spirit

Only One Person is going to cause us as a Body of Christ to unify the way we’re supposed to, and that person is the Holy Spirit!

The Destruction of the Orphan Spirit

It’s the Father’s love and acceptance that’s breaking off chains, bondages, demonic oppressions, and restoring the lives of those in captivity.

The Distilling of The Word

They will come forth with a purity of speech that will bring reconciliation and transformation in the lives of listeners.

Presence or Performance

When you become a performer for others in ministry, it usually causes you to walk away from the Presence of God.

Sharing His Glory

The Glory of Jesus Christ follows His Formation within an individual’s life.

The Making of an Overcomer

He was equipping me with a set of spiritual climbing gear to scale the toughest of those circumstantial mountains.

The Drying Out Season

God knows exactly where you are, as He’s stretching your character and growing you with a Growth that can only come from Him.

God’s Table Before You

As I sat at this table and partook of these elements, I realized Father was setting me up for success and connection with Him.

The Emergence of an Army

They continued to link arms, hundreds and thousands of them, across this meadow until it looked like a woven tapestry from the air.

The Unction to Function

It is the fruit upon the tree that tells you what kind of tree it is, not the tree dictating what the fruit is.

The Markers of Ministry

Sometimes that transition requires stretching, growth, suffering, and transformation, but the result is that New Life comes forth.

Knowing Resurrection Power

It is only through this powerful resurrection personality that we will be able to see this world transformed by the Power of God!

Light Bulbs of His Love

If the Light in us is darkened, then on some scale, our relationship with Him needs improvement.

Lack of Hunger and Thirst

Only when we taste and see will we really begin to truly hunger and thirst for the Lord the way that He desires us to!

From Written Word to Spoken Word

While the Letter of the Law kills us because we were born in sin, the Quickening of the Holy Spirit upon that same Word brings Life.

Encourage Yourself in the Lord

Sometimes we are going to be put into positions where we feel like God is the only ally we have, everyone else will seem to be against us.

Fear of the New Thing

In order to partake of the new things that God has called you into, you’re going to have to step into them by faith.

Where He Guides He Provides

Obedience happens when you least expect it and may cost you everything that you currently have in the process.

The Master Artist

Many of us have looked at our lives and found ourselves being less than happy with what we are seeing placed upon our personal canvases.