Daniel Pontious

Moments of Redefinition

This is a moment where people begin to reflect upon their lives, their hopes, their dreams, and even the purpose of why they’re here.

The Renewing

We are a peculiar people because of the Process that God is attempting to do in our hearts, souls, and minds.

Applied Truth Versus Implied Truth

The enemy wants to keep us in bondage by taking a measure of truth and twisting it just enough to where it still looks like Real Truth, but in reality, it’s a lie masquerading in its place.

The Filter of Truth

As the Body, we must stand to our feet in this season and speak the Truth in Love if there is to be any hope for this current generation! 

A House of Prayer

Prayer is not a means to an end, prayer is really the beginning of an open interaction between us and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Living Under Hope Deferred

God’s Word is filled with promises from God, but most of them require our involvement in order for them to come to pass.

The Divine Treasure Map

God is going to take the Living Word of God those Divine Treasures of Wisdom and Revelation and Engrave Them upon your Mind and your Heart with His Life!

The Stretch

Through the stretching process, God will expand not only your reach, but He’ll expand your Heart.

Supply and Demand

God doesn’t have a problem supplying your needs and even your desires as long as your needs and desires do not supersede your desire For Him in Your Life!

Fashioned by His Hands

Expect the Supernatural to invade your natural realm, even in the most difficult of our circumstances, as this is what we were fashioned for!

A Place of Perfection

God is constantly at work in the Body (yours and His) to bring us into a place of maturity or wholeness in Him.

Here Come the Camels

These camels are headed our way saints, carrying not only the resources of the King of Kings but His wisdom, revelation, and supernatural deliverance.