Stand, Lead, Occupy!

God is raising you up, to raise up His standards within the earth! Will you step forward and be His voice?

Spring Has Sprung

Write down the vision and make it plain! Each assignment will be uniquely specific according to my plans and purposes.

Shift Down and Gear Up

Fear taints my ability to hear Holy Spirit. If I panic, I’m completely blind and deaf, unable to hear God’s voice.

The Rock of Unconditional Love 

In that moment of complete brokenness, My Lord and Savior reached out, took my hand, pitched the stones, and said. “Get up. I’ll show you who I created you to be.”

A Word for the Nation

Watch and wait for the tick tick tick of the clock will be the sign of the closing of one mega chapter to make room for another.

True Prophets of the Lord

The ability to contact spirits is often passed from one generation to the next within receptive families, which may account in part for its name, “familiar.”

Mary Gave Her Yes

I wonder how often she replayed that night in her mind. Recalled the words of the angel.