Christian Grandfather Magazine

Do Not Grow Weary of Doing Good

While losing faith in such grave parenting trials seems understandable, we are too often undone by our parenting difficulties.

Praise Always

Let’s think of what good things are going our way, and this will build momentum so that we stay on track.

Why Do So Few Believe in Jesus Today?

Some people have no problem believing in many gods or consider themselves to be “spiritual” but rebel against the idea of the exclusivity of Jesus.

Satan’s Biggest Lies

When troubles come our way, Satan is quick to whisper in our ear, “God is not a good God.”

Not The Wrong Number

Do you, as a part of the body of Christ, practice what the coach wants you to practice?

The Secret Power of Dad

I walked away from the hospital that night with the deep realization that, along with this child was born a whole new level of responsibility.

God’s Family – Coming Home

The birth of Jesus Christ speaks of reconciliation, it speaks of God’s love, and it speaks of a hope that bonds us back together in God’s family.